Your 2019 Summer Must’s

The things you just can’t pass up during this upcoming summer. 

Let’s face it, out of the four seasons we have in a year, summer is the one we long for the most.
The warm crisp air, lightning bugs, outdoor concerts, and endless ice cream, each summer is better than the one prior.
This upcoming summer, get started with a bucket list. Instead of sticking to the same old, step out of your comfort zone and explore.
Here’s a top five list of unique summer activities:

  1. Plan an Epic Hiking Trip

The best way to see anything is on foot. In any form of transportation, you’re very likely to miss the little things. So, this summer, plan an epic hiking trip, and maybe even hike to a water fall. If you haven’t experienced a waterfall in person, you definitely should. Waterfalls are an escape from whatever your given reality might be. Enjoy a nice summer escape to the natural beauty that our world provides.

       2. Camp Out on the Beach
While camping in the woods provides the natural sounds crickets, birds, and other wildlife, camping on the beach gives the most peaceful sound, the crashing of ocean waves. In our daily lives, we are constantly stimulating our brain, and the ocean does just the opposite. Being near waves allows for the mind to take a rest.  Water also allows for our bodies to reach a meditative state. Every person needs a break from their activities and commitments, allowing the mind to rest. So, take a night and allow yourself to fully shut down, and enjoy the peace and serenity.
     3. Enjoy Local Festivals
Even if you have lived in the same area for your whole life, there are still things that have not been seen. Local festivals allow for you to completely focus on your area, and what is has to offer. Enjoy the foods and goodies that other locals love. This is an opportunity to step away from the norm, and enjoy something fresh.
    4. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
Riding in a hot air balloon is not as hard as it seems. In fact, most states have a designated place where you can catch a ride. Hot air balloons have a unique ability to lift your mood. While taking flight, your body will release endorphins, there will be an increase of heart rate, and an improvement of blood and oxygen. These effects often last longer than just the duration of the ride.

    5. Be a Tourist in your Local City
As cliché, as it might sound, being a tourist in your own city, is actually really fun. Instead of approaching the city like it’s the same old, go to all the must-see attractions, and pretend like it’s your first time seeing them and experiencing them. Not only is this a way to let loose, but it’s also a chance to relive your favorite childhood memories.
So this summer, go out, get active, and experience all the unique beauty that’s right at your fingertips.

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