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What Would The World Be Like If Fresher Employees Didn’t Exist?

There has always been a debate over hiring experienced employees and fresher employees. Who should be given preference? The importance of work experience cannot be stressed enough when it comes to recruiting a candidate for a job. Having a college degree is not sufficient to get hands on a job even if a college degree is relevant to the job profile. 

Having a relevant job experience shows that the candidate has a specific skill set for the job. Generally, experienced candidates are preferred over freshers. But you cannot deny the fact that freshers come up with new ideas and innovations on given problem statements. Usually, freshers are very enthusiastic about learning. Since it’s their first job, they are more focused on acquiring new skills. Moreover, they prepare themselves for the role instead of expecting a big salary.

Can you imagine the working world without freshers? Here are the consequences of hiring only experienced candidates.

Higher Salary Expectations

Laterals of course come with some work experience. Gradually, they will have higher salary expectations. Whereas on the other hand, getting a higher salary is not the top priority of freshers.

Fresher employees look for opportunities to learn and grow in their domain. Acquiring new skills and learning new technology is more important for them than sustaining in the market.

Indigestible Attrition Rate

As laterals have sound experience in the industry, they grow to have certain expectations from the company. If their expectations are not met, they do not stick around for long. And also, if a better opportunity shows up, they usually opt for it. On the contrary, freshers have an urge to prove their mettle.

Freshers tend stick to their companies and try to be as productive as possible. They would happily go the extra mile to achieve their targets. They are also highly goal-oriented.

Culture Wars 

This can be a daunting part for laterals. They are accustomed to their previous work culture and workplace. Adjusting to new work cultures and different work policies may take time.

Experienced employees tend to compare their previous work culture with the current one. This is a big reason for laterals requiring more time to adjust. Since fresher employees do not have any prior work experience, they can easily adapt to a new work culture.

Dwindling Flexibility

Experienced candidates might be more effective and efficient at work but they have a certain way of working. They are used to work in a set manner and have a well-defined workflow. They are not as flexible as freshers.

Freshers do not come with any bias when they enter a workplace. Their primary focus is to grab new opportunities. They can easily adapt to the work culture and come with unique solutions on a given problem statement.

Mechanical Interactions 

A lateral always looks for good opportunities. He is busy in his life and is trying to be financially stable. This is the story of every lateral. They don’t have time to talk about their professional life with people.

Freshers are most likely to share their experience with their friends. Everyone must have probably got a job and are reaching out to each other with job updates. A fresher spreads the word faster about your company.

Greater Mental Baggage

The fresher employees have just graduated from college. They do not have much knowledge about the working culture. They enter your company as outsiders without the mental baggage of how other companies work. So, the only things freshers focus on, are learning and improving their skills.

There are different kinds of perks attached to hiring both freshers and experienced employees. While laterals give companies the cushion of specificity, freshers come with the gift of adaptability. At the end of the day, ruling out either option seems unwise on part of any company. Freshers bring with them the gift of youth, which is so often accompanied with clarity of thought, rigour and freedom of choice. There’s no perfect corporation without freshers!

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