Three Tips to Not Panic and Fill Resume Gaps

Are you currently panicking to fill gaps in your resume? Maybe you’ve been out of work for a few months, or it’s time to apply for your first job. Either way, resume gaps are much more normal than you think. Everyone has been in the same position at one point in their life, because think about it, everyone has had their share of ‘firsts’ in employment.

Are the biases of lack of or no experience haunting you? Well, if they are, it’s time to step away from what others think and set the tone for yourself. There are many viable solutions to fill these voids.   

If your resume looks empty, there are many different approaches to how to mend it. Some are very simple, and others, well, you’ll have to be willing to put in the work. At what cost? Well, probably for free.

Resumes are made up of all sorts of things, your qualifications, work experience and also volunteering efforts. While you may not think about it consciously, volunteering is a big aspect of your resume. Employers want to see how you contribute in all ways. So fill your resume gaps like a professional.

Here are 3 tips to spicing up your resume:



You may have thought that working for ‘free’ is pointless, but it can really make or break your future career. When you volunteer, you offer your abilities for the betterment of the community or organization that you choose. While it may not be as serious as a paid job, it should be treated in that manor. The people you volunteer with and automatically become key players in your career. They can serve as references, or even connections to help you get your foot in the door. In fact, many volunteer opportunities lead to full-time employment. Volunteering is the foundation of your work experience.

Work as a Consultant


If you’re out of work but have all the capabilities for your field, why not step into the consulting side of things? If you’re a master in social media strategy, start helping those around you better their social media operations. By doing this, you have just added a new experience to your resume. In addition, these different exercises help further your experience and might make you even more qualified for future positions. Also, consulting is not a bad route to take. You may become an expert in the field, and have enough power to open your own firm.

Further Your Degree

Further Your Degree - 1

You may have thought that school and classes were out of the question, but this might be the best option for you. It’s never a bad idea to further your degree and add more qualifications. Employers love to see the unique aspects that you can bring to the table, and these qualifications can often times set you apart from other candidates. Furthering your degree does NOT mean you have to be in the classroom. Many of these certifications and even higher degrees are available completely online. Even if the school was not in your future plans, you might want to reconsider. The more, the merrier! Going forward, don’t let the stress of jobs rule you. You are in charge of your own fate, and it’s in your hands to go after it. If you want it, make it happen, it’s always possible.

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