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The Secret to Staying Motivated

Tips and tricks to staying motivated at your desk!

Going to work is part of the life routine, and without money, we have no way to survive.

Regardless of whether you love your job or hate your job, getting work done requires motivation. While you may be the most motivated person in the world, there will always be times where you find yourself slacking, and probably not, so motivated.

When motivation is lacking, don’t question yourself or your capabilities. It’s normal for the human mind to lose interest or slow down after doing the same thing over and over.

Instead of letting your negative motivation consume you, turn it into a positive and you’ll be on track to take on your tasks.

Here are eight ways to keep your motivation high with your goals in sight:

  1. Define Your Goals

When you have a clear idea of what you’re working towards, it makes the activities much more exciting. Goals should be set for both long and short term actions throughout, giving you things to look forward to and meet along the way. What are we working for if we haven’t set goals? 

  • Create Short and Long Term Plans

One a clear goal is in mind, short and long term plans will start the action, allowing the tasks to happen. Remember, plans are not concrete, so you should always expect some type of modification. When this happens, take the modification and turn it into motivation!

  • Know Your Why

Your why is your overall purpose, and knowing it gives us the proper stimulants to stay on track.

  • Meet Deadlines

Falling behind is never easy, and will tamper with your motivation. When working with deadlines, make sure you plan accordingly. If you divide the work accordingly, it’s very easy to maintain motivation.

  • Change up the Processes

It’s really easy to get bored doing the same thing over and over again, and going through the motions can be very draining. The best way to maintain motivation is to change up the process and try new things. Achieving things with different will allow for you to have new experiences, making them unique and fun.

  • Visualize Success

Never lose sight of the end goal. You have the ability to choose success, because if that’s the only option in your mind, mentally, you will be ready to go after it physically. 

  • Keep Things in Perspective

Don’t let yourself get worked up about the little things. When things get crazy, it’s easy for this to happen, but always remember what the end goal is, and use this to determine the importance and significance.  

  • Reward Yourself

Every single day, take a few minutes to highlight your achievements. Remind yourself that you achieved what you needed to do!

Always remember that motivation is internal, and you have the power to keep it high. Always keep your goals in sight!