The Best Jobs in India

Why you should consider THESE fields…

Everybody loves money, I mean, money is what makes the world function. Need food? Costs money! Need gas, also costs money. Travel? Oh, that costs money too! 

Everything we do requires money, so it’s best to have that in your mind as motivation. Work and money go hand and hand, without one, you likely cannot have the other.

So, what’s the answer to obtaining money? Well, consider the highest paying jobs in your area. Money motivates us, and we will stop at nothing to have the best job and salary out there. Remember, your salary will be based on your experience, knowledge, and also the location of your job. 

Here are five of the Top Paying Jobs 2019:

  • Software Developers (Full Stack)

This job is not your typical development job. These developers must know the ins and outs of developing, because they are required to do both front end and back end tasks. Some important skills that they have are a mastery of Javascript, HTML, and CSS. The recommended schooling path for this career is the Computer Science track, or IT. Being able to understand every angle of coding will set you apart from other candidates. Having the ability to be useful in many aspects, is likely to score you more opportunities.  

  • Data Scientist

A newer career in the IT field, data science is on the rise. Businesses need data scientist to help manage and organize large amounts of data that is collected. If you haven’t yet figured out your career path, this is definitely a route to consider. This job did not exist until recently. But there is no telling where this field is headed, as technology is advancing by the second. The job responsibilities will shift as the times do. If you’re ready for the challenge, this job is for you. 

  • Product Managers

This career is a necessity in large corporations. Product managers have many responsibilities to keep things on track. Job responsibilities include marketing, different strategies, and so much more. This job is unique in the sense where your responsibilities are tied to the customer and also the product. You have to step inside the customer’s shoes to understand what they want, and then think about how it will work. 

  • Investment Banking

Here’s a job that’s never going out of style. No matter what, everything flows around money. As an investment banker, you will manage big money and turn it into even bigger profits. To take on this path, you must be good with numbers. Every aspect of investment banking involves statistics, calculations, researching and analyzing dating, and more. While the salary is high, you must be prepared to work long and hard hours, and put in lots of extra time. You really have to be invested in the job. 

  • Chartered Accountant 

Unlike your typical accounting job, chartered accountants really have an advantage in the workforce. Being a chartered accountant gives you the ability to work with a wide variety of people and businesses. Rather than focusing on one specialization, these accountants work on all sorts of financing, auditing, and taxation. If you have strong communication skills, industry awareness and are ready to work, this is a job for you. 

High pay work does exist; you just have to set your mind to it. While the journey may be longer and take more time, it will be worth it. To be successful in any career, you must give it your all. A little bit of hard work and the journey is yours to take, and you will succeed.