The 9-5 Positive grind

10 tips to end the workday feeling content!

The end of the workday always feels like a drag, I mean, we all long for the clock to strike 5, right?

Contrary to belief, the last few hours of the day help set the tone for the following day to come. Instead of the day’s end being slow and a drag, end the day on a positive note.

Leaving work feeling content allows for you to go home and have a relaxed evening. If you leave with a feeling of unease, it will consume you until the next day/

Here is some end of the day ‘must do’s’ to get your day on track to end positively:

1. Plan for the next day’s activities!

One of the most productive things you can do at the end of your current day is start preparing for the following day. Everyone moves a little bit slower in the morning, so having an idea of what’s to come should be helpful, and also very comforting.

2. Meet with your boss.

It’s very important to remain proactive with your boss. Everyone has their own responsibilities, so make sure to connect at least once a day, to remain on the same page. Your boss wants to be informed!

3. Close any projects from the current day.

Whatever the status of a current project may be, reach a point of closure at the end of the day. Even if you haven’t reached a final point, close it somewhere that is logical. Whatever individual operation you are assessing, make sure that one is finished.

4. Make note of your best accomplishment of the day.

Despite what you might believe or feel, there will always be one daily ‘best’ accomplishment. Praise yourself for this, you deserve it, especially with other workplace demands.

5. Go over any last-minute responsibilities.

This is the time where you should respond to any last minute, emails or responsibilities. If an email has some form of conformation, or doesn’t require much response time, take care of it! Get rid of the tasks that are quick, use your best judgement!

6. REMEMBER, some things can wait!

But, not everything is urgent! Some things can be done instantly, and some do not need to be rushed. Again, use your best judgement on the urgency.

7. Tidy up!

You should NEVER leave your workspace messy. A messy workspace results in messy and sloppy work. Cleanliness results in a calm feeling that in-turn, leads to productivity.


Sign off. When you’re done, you’re done, and that’s all till the following day.

9. Leave your stress at the door.

Your work stress should not even leave the office building. The second you exit the doors, you’re free, and work stressors are not in the equation.

10. Go home

After all this is accomplished and it’s finally 5 o’clock, you can go home. As you walk out the office doors and get into your car, start imaging all the great things ahead in your evening.

You accomplished work, and now, it’s your time to relax, sit back, have a nice evening, and prepare for the following day.