We all want to get our interviews right. So much as a tiny spec of dust off the target could upset the motion of things. That’s precisely why people prepare for interviews. However, things still go wrong and more interviews go kaput than we can collectively imagine. Why does this happen despite hours of preparation? […]

There seems to be no imminent economic respite from the coronavirus pandemic. Every industry has borne the brunt of the fallout. The implications have panned not just the existing workforce, but also the entire process of recruitment.   Companies have frozen their hiring pipelines until a clearer picture emerges on the economic horizon. Nevertheless, many businesses […]

It can be hard to start building your resume if you have not updated your resume for a while. Which new resume rules and trends you should be following? And seriously, one page or two?  Crafting an exceptional resume these days has the added challenge of attracting a number of hiring managers. Some say that […]

Finding a work-life balance can be challenging, especially if you have a demanding job. Your hours may be the standard 9-5 on paper, but the work might say otherwise. It’s normal that some days will be longer, but if it’s an everyday occurrence, you might need to step back and prioritize. If your place of […]