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Spring Forward and Try Something New Out of the ordinary Summer MUST DO’s.

It seems like every year we long for the Spring and Summer months as soon as Fall approaches.

With the most common end of summer thought being “I wish I had more time and did more this summer”, don’t hesitate, and add extra thrill to your upcoming summer activities.

Number One: Skydiving

Skydiving is probably somewhere on your bucket list, right? This summer, make it happen, because not only will you feel an inner thrill, there are great health benefits too. Skydiving is a natural stress reliever. In the moment, all your stressors are released, and the focus shifts from external worries to an internal adrenaline rush. In the moment, the mind and soul feel cleansed and renewed. Once skydiving is conquered, you can master anything! So, allow your body and soul to experience the rejuvenation that it needs, while opening up new and exciting doors!

Number Two: Bungie Jumping

Much like skydiving, bungee jumping is another way to release adrenaline and experience an inner thrill like never before. While in the air, you’ll experience the view from quite a different angle, and it will not disappoint. Conquer your fears, and truly feel alive. While it may appear to be dangerous, bungee jumping is extremely safe, with extensive testing on all equipment used.

Number Three: Jet Skiing / Water Skiing

Jet skiing is actually an activity that increases your heart’s health! While riding the waves, an increase of heart rate occurs, which results in cardiovascular improvement. Activities like these are beneficial to your future self, too. The more attention that is paid to your heart, the less of a risk of heart attacks and strokes. Jet skiing also helps improve physical fitness, while toning your abs and strengthening your muscles. On average, 230 calories are burned in a half hour of jet skiing!

Of course, you might automatically think these activities are expensive, there are ways to make it affordable. Sites like Groupon are always offering great deals; you just have to be on the lookout.

Summer is still a few weeks away, so start your planning early. Sooner is always better. The quicker you reserve, the cheaper it will be, and there will be a wider range of availability.

Enjoy this summer like never before, you’ll look back and say “thank you”.