Social Media Influencing

If you’re on the gram, you’re probably an influencer. . .

Social media allows us to share our messages whenever we want, from wherever we want.

Our instant ability to share our thoughts has shifted the idea of what being an influencer means today. If people are following you, your voice and opinions are being seen and followed.

Even if you’re reach isn’t in the thousands, your opinions are still relevant.

Influencer marketing is a newer idea, and something that has come about in our digital age.

Although the beginning stages started with celebrities, the idea has definitely trickled down.  

Influencing opportunities are becoming a daily thing, and most companies have started some type of brand ambassador or influencing campaign.

Due to the power of social media marketing, companies are in dire need of influencers. And, since the demand is so high, the guidelines and requirements for being and influencer are changing.

Nowadays, all that’s required is that your profile and beliefs stand with the brand. If your styles and themes match, your good to go, whether you have 100,000 followers of 100 followers, there is an influencing opportunity for you.

Being an influencer is honestly a trend these days. There are even apps in the app store that can pair you to brand ambassador opportunities.

Partnering with a brand on any level is always a great idea, especially since it can get your name out there.

The best ways to partner with the brands you love, is to start by engaging with their platforms. Be sure to like, share and comment on their photos, making your name prominent on their feed.

Sometimes, the brand may even have open influencer calls, and you can submit a form, and hopefully get selected to rep the brand.

Our modern age has allowed for people of all genres to have a voice and use their platform. It’s really exciting that nowadays people have an easily accessible tool to make their voice heard.