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Six Ways To Prepare For Your Performance Appraisal

In most organizations, appraisals tend to happen every six months or annually. It allows you and your boss to discuss your performance and discuss your strengths and weaknesses. It is time to find out what your ambitions are and to boost you up for your growth. All in all, it is a great opportunity to build your career. It also leads you to an increase in pay if you know how to make the most of it. One of the most important things you can do to ensure your performance appraisal is to prepare for it. 

If you are new to the working world, chasing an appraisal could lead you to start looking for another job. If you prepare well, this can actually benefit your career.

Here are some tips that help you prepare for the appraisal you are craving for. 

Review Your Last Appraisal


Go ahead and review the development plans you set at your last appraisal. Also, review your job descriptions and goals. Use this as the foundation to prepare details about your accomplishments, strengths, and areas for development.

Refer to any reports you have created and highlight your accomplishments. It will help you recall your performances or challenges you faced. Reports can also be helpful to review your last appraisal and recall what kind of reviews and feedback you received. It will help you judge your growth and development over the last period.

Maintain a Performance Journal

If you don’t have a performance journal from the beginning, create one today and start maintaining it regularly. And if you do, notice any trends or recurring themes that reveal particular strengths, challenges or work you really enjoyed.

Keeping a record helps you capture details while they are fresh in your mind. Having this journal handy lets you and your manager have a broader view of your performance over a period. This avoids a biased decision based on recent events. This can lead your preparation for the appraisal faster and easier.

Let your manager know


Share your preparations with your manager. Ideally, you should share the journals and documents you are maintaining before the meeting. This encourages the manager to prepare for the meeting more effectively. It helps in maintaining a two-way conversation between you and the manager. This is a very important factor to prepare for performance appraisal.

It also helps them to prepare for any differences in perception that might exist between you two. Let your manager know about all you’ve prepared to avoid surprises at the time of the meeting.

Draft your own goals

It is very important to draft goals for the coming period. Don’t let your manager hand down your goals to you. Take a proactive approach and set some possible goals based on your job description.

You make look for goals that broaden your knowledge, expand your duties and take more responsibilities. You may also renew these in the meeting with your manager.

Evaluate yourself first


Before the meeting, evaluate your performance from the viewpoint of the manager. Ideally, you should refer the same form from which your manager is going to evaluate you. Go through each competency and goal listed, and evaluate yourself.

Be honest in your ratings. Use your list of accomplishments in your journal to give a summary of your performances. You can always bring your self-evaluation to the meeting and use it as a reference.

Keep an open mind

Often, in appraisal meetings, our mindsets are a little defensive. We are bracing ourselves to face criticism that might impact our advancement and position in the company.

Unfortunately, when we are defensive, we don’t listen very well. Stay calm. While preparing for a meeting with your manager, let go of any defensive awkwardness you are aware of. Your main goal is to focus on what feedback they are providing to you and the development plans they layout for you.

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