Six Signs You Deserve a Better Workplace

You know what they say, if you have a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life, and this a very matter of fact. Going to work every day should not be something that you dread, and doing your work should be fun, not feel like a chore. Definitely, you deserve a better workplace if you feel the same.

Do you feel stuck on figuring out the right decision? Maybe one day you feel it’s the right decision to leave, but the next you feel it’s right to stay. These are all very normal feelings when figuring out your career.

Once in a while the answer might be loud and clear, but more likely than not, it will require lots of analyzing and assessment. Throughout this process, listen to your gut, and always be sure to make a decision based on your feelings and only yours. Regardless of what those around you feel, only you can make the right choice.

Here are seven warning signs that it might be time to change your job:

You’re Unhappy at Work

While being at your job is not supposed to feel like you’re on vacation, it is supposed to make you happy. Do you feel like you are obligated to remain at your job unhappy and miserable? Well, even if you think this, it’s not the case. You may feel some kind of loyalty to your employer, but at the end of the day, you don’t owe anything to anybody. If you’re under contract, there is no obligation to renew it. You spend more time at your job site than your house, so it’s best to consider your happiness while being there.

You Feel Stuck

Is there room for growth, development and promotions at your current place of employment? These three elements are extremely important in the workplace. The more work we do, the more experience we attain. Do you feel that your work responsibilities have been just about the same since day one? There should always be a clear path for growth and expansion. Over time, our skills are enhanced and your knowledge widens, and this is why advancements are needed. You should not feel as if you are tied down to one position and one position only. If your employer is not supportive in professional and personal growth, it is probably time to part ways.

You Dread Going to Work Everyday

The weekend is always a time to decompress, relax, and relieve stress. But does Sunday afternoon come around and you start to feel anxious? Or maybe the end of the work day comes and it’s time to go to bed and the stress kicks in. If you are unable to fully enjoy you weekend or post-work hours because of work, your job is not the best fit for you anymore. Personal and professional life are not supposed to be mixed, especially during the off-working hours.

You Lack Doing Your Job

Has work become less and less effortless than in the past? If your responsibilities are lacking and feel like a chore, your current employment is not benefiting you, or your company. Having no motivation to do work means that your work is simply not getting done. On one hand, this hurts the overall operations of your company, but also your mental health. If you feel that your mind is wandering to every other place but your office, it’s possible that you have outgrown your role. Rather than forcing yourself to stay in your role, it’s time to find something new.

You Feel Constant Stress and Pressure

Having some stress at work is normal, face it, stress and pressure are often what drive us to do the best work. But there is a difference between healthy stress and bad stress. Does your stomach feel like it’s in knots? Are you always on edge and irritable? These are all prominent signs of too much stress and pressure. The work place should not be a negative place for you, but rather a place that has a goal and mission to succeed together.

You Have Considered Getting a New Job

At the end of the day, if you have considered the idea of different employment opportunities over and over again, this might be a clear sign that it is in fact, time for you to make a change. Going about new employment does not make you a bad person, even if you may believe that this is the case. No one deserves to be unhappy in the workplace, ever.

Your Values Don’t Align with Your Company’s Values

Whatever your company stands for, you should feel that it matches your beliefs. You are a representation of your workplace both inside and outside of the office, and you should be proud to say that you work there. If you believe in sustainability and your company is not sustainable, then it is likely that your values do not align. Think about it, would you want to remain at a place that doesn’t stand for what you believe in?

You Haven’t Gotten a Raise in Two Years

Each time an employer provides you with a raise, it truly shows how they value you as an employee. Raises help boost employee morale and also satisfaction. People like to feel this validation that their hard work is paying off. If your company has not taken the proper steps to help you feel valuable, then it is probably time to go somewhere else.

You Just Are Not Busy

A day or two that lacks can serve as a nice break, but if this is an every day ordeal, your job is simply not fit for you anymore. The work day should keep you busy and engaged, not wandering in your mind. It can really be a drag to just sit there and it is definitely not productive for you or your employer.

You Don’t See Any Light at the End of the Tunnel

Whatever your career may be, every step of the way should help you expand your knowledge and gain new skills. Throughout this journey, there are promotions and raises and different collaterals to help you feel useful and important. These three aspects of your career are essential and you deserve them.

Whatever your next journey is, make sure that it brings you some peace of mind. Find a job that feels in a way, effortless, and allows you to be happy and feel a sense of comfort. Every day brings something new, and before any decision is made, be sure to really think it over before following through. The right decision will present itself, just be sure to really think it through.

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