Seven Inspiring Part-Time Job Trends in 2020

Part-time jobs are definitely a great path to take, especially if you are just starting out your career. This experience allows for you to get a taste in the field that you which to pursue. Here are some great part-time job trends that might inspire you.

These opportunities are not as binding as a full-time job, and gives employees more flexibility. If you’re unsure of the career path you wish to take, the part-time job route is most definitely for you.

Here are 7 Part-Time job trends for 2020:


While some internships are ‘full-time’ many allow for that part-time experience to jump into your field. Sometimes they are paid, and sometimes unpaid, but either way help you gain experience in a potential future field. Internships come in just about every field, and many future full-time employers look to this experience on your resume. Your experience may range anywhere from typical office work, to the actual skills of the field. Whatever internship you choose, expect to do typical office work. It’s all part of the skill building game. The best way to secure an internship is through people that you know.

Whether this is a parent, friends of the family, or just people you have acquainted with in life, let those around you know that you’re interested. The more people you have on the lookout, including yourself, up your chances of scoring and internship. Remember, just because the job is art-time does not make it any less competitive. Due to the fact that employers look for this experience, more and more young adults are fighting for these positions.

Ride Share / Drivers

Car sharing, ride sharing, and delivery drivers are a part-time job that always need positions to be filled. Although this is probably not where you will take your full-time career, it is definitely a great way to build your resume. This type of work exemplifies reliability and the ability to get the job done.  

Dog Walker

If you’re an animal lover, this is a great opportunity for you to earn some extra money. Most people who have a pet will at some point need this care, and you can be the one to get the business. Start by asking those around you with pets if they need dog walking assistance and let your business grow. Most dog owners are friends with other dog owners and they can help you spread the word of your service. You might be taken by surprise how many people currently are in need of this service but do not know how to seek it.   


If you happen to have a DSLR camera and an eye for detail, this is definitely an area where you can excel. People are always seeking different photography needs like headshots, engagement photos, everyday photoshoots, and so much more. The best approach is to start by taking photos of friends and family and building a portfolio to advertise. In addition, asking local photographers for assistance is a great way to gain more experience in the field.


Is there an area of study that you really excel at and just can’t get enough of? Well, put your knowledge and skills to use and start helping others gain obtain new knowledge. Tutoring is a great part-time job because you can set your hours and wages. No matter how many hours you intend to put into tutoring, it is great experience to add to your resume. 

Sales Associate

Having sales experience is one of the best things you can add to your resume experience. Sales are necessary in just about every business and corporation, and having this skill can really set you apart from other candidates. When you know the ins and outs of sales, sounding like an expert is your middle name. There is something really important about being able to conduct yourself to clients and other businesses is a plus for anyone.

Administrative Assistant

Working any admin job gives you a great feel of what the real world is like. Being an assistant helps you get a feel for all different twists and turns of an office space. Something great that you can do to get a foot in the door is to apply for this position while you are still attending university. In this time, you can really understand the office and see if the place is a good fit for you.   Whatever career path you choose to pursue, part-time work will really set you in the right direction. Remember, any experience for your resume is going to help you in the long run!

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