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Remote Hiring Advice for Employers and Candidates: Get These Things Right, Right Now

There seems to be no imminent economic respite from the coronavirus pandemic. Every industry has borne the brunt of the fallout. The implications have panned not just the existing workforce, but also the entire process of recruitment.  

Companies have frozen their hiring pipelines until a clearer picture emerges on the economic horizon. Nevertheless, many businesses have continued with their recruitment processes to prevent slowdown. 

In contrast to most industries, the job market has ballooned in the healthcare, pharmaceuticals, government, and biotechnology sectors. However, the vast majority of the job market has fielded a major blow or two. Major policy changes like social distancing and work from home have dramatically altered the recruitment process, with many looking at solutions like video conference calls and remote work tracking.   

Technology Strikes Gold 

Tech hotshots like Facebook, Google, Amazon, and others have announced they would move to online job interviews throughout the outbreak. Video conferencing has seen unprecedented growth with apps like Zoom, Slack and Google Meet rolling the dice favourably for themselves. 

The larger consensus is that the long-term economic impact of the COVID-19 outbreak should be minimum. This has seen several organizations turn to more decisive use of technology to empower business continuity. Most industry insiders predicted this technology-laced counterattack in the wake of the economic slowdown.  

The shift from manual hiring to remote hiring has begun long back. If anything, the lockdown has catalyzed the shift exponentially. As such, we stand at the brink of a new dawn for both interviewers and interviewees. Those accustomed to in-person screening will need to swiftly acclimatize to virtual screening methodologies while rediscovering ways to relay company messages online.    

Remote hiring tips for candidates

6 things candidates should do 

1. Dress well

Interviews may have gone remote. But there is still a lot of impetus on how appropriately a candidate dresses up for the occasion. Make sure you dress a notch better than you’d do for an actual interview. Do not forget to nestle down in a clean environment before you present yourself.  

2. Take a mock interview

Do a mock interview with a friend first, and ask them to record their screen. This will give you a reasonably decent impression of how you look and sound during the interview. If there are issues with the audio or video, you may solve them well in advance.

3. Prepare for tough questions 

Online interviews don’t get any easier than the real ones. Address your prep as you’d do for any other interview. Rehearse answers to important interview questions and make your own set of questions for the respective interviewer. 

4. Personalize the session 

Come across as someone that is genuinely enthusiastic about the role. Smile regularly, maintain eye contact and engage in conducive general conversation. 

5. Don’t seem distracted 

Try to look at the camera for the length of the interview. Free your immediate surroundings of anything that would qualify as a distraction, especially your smartphone. 

6. Remember to follow up

Since most of the old rules apply, it is still considered graceful to thank the interviewer for their time through a well-written follow-up. 

Remote hiring interviewers tips

6 things interviewers should do 

1. Strategize 

Give a long and hard look at the attributes that you seek in the candidate. Carefully construct your questions to scrape out maximum information around those attributes. 

2. Do some research

Take some time to understand the candidate you are interviewing. This will restore formality in the interview like a regular one. Also, tell the candidates about the interviewers on the panel, so they can have questions about you and other fellow interviewers. Get in touch with the IT to check the tech for you. 

3. Do away with distractions 

Accord with respect to the candidate you are interviewing and remove including your smartphone. 

4. Be open 

Let the candidate know of their status during every stage of the process. In the absence of an in-person reception, they’ll greatly value you if their efforts are acknowledged. 

5. Brand away

Remember to reinforce your brand value proposition and your company’s mission statement every time you find an opportunity. 

6. Share your time with the candidate 

Always give the candidate time to finish their point or response. Accommodate a couple of extra seconds of pause before and after questions to account for lag, if any.

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