Present and Master

Tips to proving yourself in an interview.

If you have secured and in-person job interview, it’s obviously because you stood out on paper, and your skills set you apart from other applicants.

It’s one thing to have an interview, but securing the job is what really matters. In the days leading up to the interview, you must practice presenting your best self.

Refer back to your resume, cover letter, and the job responsibilities, and be able to highlight the areas where you stand out.

As an interviewee, your answers must stand out. When presented with the different requirements of the job, be able to answer with different skills and abilities that match.

Your potential employer wants to see that you can approach situations from different angles. The work place can often be unpredictable, so this is a necessary still to stay competitive.

In addition, you must really demonstrate you want the position. When asked, “why do you want this job?” Be ready to give it your heart and soul.

Rather than simply saying, “I want this job because it’s a good job”, elaborate, and deliver it with passion. Everyone wants a job because “it’s good”, so you must really sell yourself here and set apart from the other candidates.

When getting ready on the day of, your nerves will be high, but this is normal. Turn your nerves into positive adrenal.

One tip for the day of, is never wear perfume. It may be the best smell in the world to you, but if was potential the favorite scent of your interviewer’s ex somebody, you just might not get the job.

Always remember to print out your resume and have your portfolio on hand. The first thing and interviewer always asks for is a copy of your resume, so have it handy.

Also, be sure to continuously show your interest throughout. Keep your head clear, and focus on what really matters. Take hand written notes that show your interest. This will reassure that you are ready to get to work.

Interviews are weird, and also unpredictable, but prior preparation will always benefit you. We’ve all been there and have experienced these nerves. It’s always normal, but don’t let it blind your goals in sight. Show up, do your research, and be ready to go to battle. The harder you fight, and the more interest you show, the more likely you are to secure the job.