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Nine Unmistakable Signs You Are In A Wrong Career Path

It is difficult to tell the difference between a bad position and a bad career. If you are unhappy while working on something, it is not made for you, accept it. However, many times you might be not sure if you need a new job or a whole new career. Choosing a wrong career is definitely not cool.

Most of the choices we make in our day to day life, like what to wear at work or what to have for lunch does not cost you your life or cause any inner conflict or stress. On the other hand, career transition points can leave you feeling significantly stuck. Especially when you are making a big life-changing decision. Bear in mind, it is completely fine to make a wrong career decision in your initial days when you don’t have any idea about how the world works. 

If you think you are really unhappy or don’t enjoy your work as much as your colleagues do, then read on to find out what the wrong career looks like. And, what you can do if you realize you want to make a change,

You Work Hard, But Don’t Get Results

Hard work doesn’t guarantee success but lack of hard work guarantees that there will be no success. You have made a resolution to work hard in the company you are working for, well let’s say it didn’t turn out so well. But can’t think of anything that can fix this?

You don’t need to feel disheartened. Maybe you are good at other skills and this job is not meant for you. Evaluate yourself. Find the career you are good at. Get a job where you can excell and enjoy working.

You Complain A Lot

This is another sign you need to make a change. You are working hard, day and night. On the flip side, if you spend a significant amount of time whining about work, you might have chosen a wrong career path.

Another sign is, you spend most of the time at home. You don’t feel like going to work. You feel stressed constantly. Your mind is full of negative thoughts. These signs clearly show that you are not happy with your work. Your life is not worth being stressed by work.

You Cannot Make Use of Your Strengths

How can’t make your career rewarding and fulfilling if you are unable to showcase your talents. So if you don’t utilize any of your strengths, the career may not be the one for you. You want a career that plays to your strengths and avoids your weaknesses.

This makes you succumb to a negative attitude at work. And having a negative attitude affects the way you view everything that happens to you. Maybe you liked your job in the first few months, but then you realize that this was not something you wanted to do, and you aren’t really good at it.

You Fantasize About Quitting

You know you are terrible at work. The people around you are not fools and notice that. Even your manager at this point knows that you cannot survive in the company for long. So you think, it would be better to resign yourself than getting fired.

This is a sure sign that your career choice is not a fit for you. And if you are thinking of resigning, you are making the right decision. You don’t have to stay in it. You don’t have to face people at the workplace whispering about you.

Your Job Isn’t Fun

Even though your company environment is fun and rewarding, you don’t really enjoy working there. Why? No reason other than you not liking what you do. Even after giving your 100% at work, you cannot succeed.

Among other signs, your boss is always targeting you. No matter what you do, you cannot make your boss happy. How can you be happy and having fun in such a stressful environment? This means that you are definitely not meant for that job. Evaluate your skills and get a different job for yourself. Nobody can survive stressful jobs.

Your Values Don’t Match Your Work

If your job role doesn’t match your core values, then you will be miserable. It is impossible to enjoy a job if your values don’t align with your work. Learn what your core values are and find a way for them to align with your job role.

Find a motivation that drives you to do the work. And if you can’t, maybe it is the time to consider a transition into a job you have always wanted to do secretly, deep down.

Your job Is Bringing Negative Energy To Your Personal Life

Can you leave your career baggage at work? If not, you should probably think about what is causing you to dislike your job. Consider what you wish was different. Is it your position or your job? Go in search of something that offers you peace.

No job will ever be perfect. Remember, professionals in the right job, aren’t really stressing about their employment. Why? Because they love what they do. That is the reason they excel in it. 

You Don’t Ever Want To Go To Work

This is the start of discontent. You dreamt of being passionate at work. Whereas, you are just trying to survive. There are always issues and problems at any job. You are there to solve them.

But whether you see them as challenges that help you grow or problems that burn you out is entirely perspective.

You should discuss your concerns with your manager and try to fix things. If nothing can be rectified, you better run away from the career you chose than running away from the job.

You Are Feeling Mentally Unhealthy

Everyone knows when they are performing at their top potential, and when they are struggling. Even people who love their jobs might feel physically and mentally drained during hectic sessions.

No job is worth sacrificing the one body you have.

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