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Master Any Interview With These Sixteen Recruiter-Revealed Tips

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

~ Andrew Grant

Hunting for interview tips on the internet? Trust us, for a long time we were doing the same. Most articles advise you to be confident, dress formally, always wear a smile and what not. But it doesn’t matter how many times you do it. All you need is some recruiter revealed tips to ace that interview. Facing an interview is always nerve-wrecking. 

Everybody looks forward to acing an interview they are facing and to be seen as the best candidate in the eyes of the hiring manager. Oftentimes, it is not even difficult to crack an interview with the right set of tools and ideas. Today, we will talk about some of these essential interview codes.     

So without further ado, let us look at 16 cool interview tips that you can implement in your next interview.

Do your homework on the company


How many times have hiring managers asked this question? Why do you want to work for our company? 

When they ask something like this, they do not just want to know why you are interested in the particular organization. They are also looking at the depth of research you have conducted on the company. 

When you learn more about a company before taking an interview there, you will automatically find out whether you want to work there or not. 

On the other hand, not doing sufficient research keeps you from giving a well-founded answer to the question. Plus, it tells the interviewer that you have done poor research.  This is one of the first and most important recruiter revealed tips.

Highlight the most attractive thing in your resume

Tell me something about your resume. This is one of the commonest lines by interviewers. Everybody has a skill or a company they worked for that they are proud of.

Consider answering this question creatively and let the interviewer notice that skill. Talk about how that attribute helped you grow into the person you are today.

Summarize your work history and achievements


Be specific about what skills you have and how valuable an employee you are. When the interviewer asks “Why should we hire you?”, don’t give dumb answers, such as, “I am a hard worker and very friendly”. The recruiter wants to hear about your skills and how valuable you are going to be for the team.

Instead, talk about a remarkable accomplishment you had in your previous company or mention the number of years you worked with a reputed organization. This is one of the most important recruiter revealed tips.

Be realistic

The interviewer is not interested in listening to your personal life goals for the future. A better idea is to focus on your career objective whenever asked your goals for the next five years.

This is asked to find whether you are ambitious and if you have realistic goals. Keep in mind if you plan to work with the company, you should be aware of how much the company would help you grow.

Know your worth and expect a fair wage

What are your salary expectations?

Some recruiters ask this question and some do not. So it is always better to be prepared.

Nobody knows better than you how good you are at your skills. Keeping that in mind, determine how much salary you should ask for. Follow this recruiter revealed tip and get going.

Be honest

Whenever your expectations are asked from the manager of the company, basically the recruiter is testing this: “would you be a good addition to their team?” Answer this as positively as possible.

You can pull off the example of your current manager and how (s)he helped you to grow as an individual.

Be descriptive


Don’t just say “I have heard about this job on a website”. This is a very vague way of mentioning the company.

This is your chance to be descriptive and is an opportunity to feed details like why you like the company and what motivates you to work there. Moreover, if you have been referred by somebody, this is a great time to mention their name(s). 

Find a balance between confidence and humility

If you fumble over the answers and are not quite sure about what to say, you are either not prepared or you lack confidence. If you tend to boast about yourself, your ego might look a little too big.

Be expressive and try to prepare an elevator pitch about who you are. In lieu of sharing many personal details, try to convey what brought you to this interview today.  

Go through reviews


Interviewers always look for people who would fit in with the culture of the company.

If you tend to behave in the opposite way, they might not consider you.

The mission is to make recruiters understand how you work on a team and are the right cultural fit for the company. You can tell how a company’s culture is by going through their social media profiles and reading their reviews.

Focus on the positives and be specific

When you switch a company, recruiters tend to ask “Why are you looking for a different job?”.

Basically, here they want to know whether you were fired or just are changing/looking for a job.

If you are currently working somewhere, you should be prepared for this question. Think about why you are switching career paths.

Prepare ahead of time and give examples


When you mention you are good at certain skills, give examples that complement what you say. 

The interviewer might also ask you about your real-life experience in handling conflict at a previous workplace.

It always helps to prepare for such questions in advance. Keep your examples ready to avoid long spells of awkward silence during the interview. Make sure to always cite those examples that end on a happy note or at least make you look the good Samaritan.  

Convey that you are the right person for the job

Most managers get to know an employee within one to three months of him working with the team. So even if they don’t ask about it in the beginning, put your best foot forward.

Take the prerogative to share information you will need to get started and transition into a new role. This suggested recruiter revealed tip is very important.

Explain what you actually do to deal with stress.

Recruiters ask some questions to test your stress management. They just want to make sure that you do not act as a red flag for the organization.

Show that you can handle stress in a professional and positive manner and that it doesn’t stop you from accomplishing your goals. 

Stand out by asking questions


Towards the end of the interview, they ask if you have any questions. Don’t blow it by saying that you don’t. Moreover, even if you don’t have a question, there is always a question you can ask after the interview.

Prepare a list of questions before the interview. Recruiters appreciate answering questions at the end of the interview.

Show the hiring manager what you can bring to the company

If you were selected in an interview for a job, give examples about your greatest accomplishments in your previous jobs. Tell how you were selected and how much you have grown as an individual. Harp on how that can help add value to the company.

Showing the ways you succeeded in the previous company immediately tells employers that you are an unmissable resource.

Follow up with a Thank You note


Take the time to draft an email for the hiring manager after the interview. First of all, this does not only help you stand out but also leave a great impression.

Similarly, while evaluation, about 80% of employers consider candidates who put in a thank you note.

All these tips make you confident and ready to ace any interview that comes across. The EZJobs app is a free platform for candidates and employers to connect, for local, part-time and seasonal jobs in over 40 categories. Bookmark the EZJobs blog for more career and recruiter revealed tips and Download The EZJobs App today to find dozens of local, part-time and seasonal jobs in your area.

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