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Manage Your Project Like A Pro Using These Quick Six Steps

When you are assigned to a project, how much time do you spend scratching your head wondering what to do next or even where to start? We know that you are eager to dive right in without even trying to devise an order. Likewise, you tend to start working on the project without finding everything that needs to be done. Can this guarantee the success of your project? You might succeed anyway, but is this the right way you manage your project? No, right? 

Moreover, having a good plan is the most important strategy to get work done. Often, project planning is ignored in favor of getting on with the work. However, many people fail to realize the value of a project plan to save time, money and many problems.

Don’t panic! You don’t need to know all project management basics to execute a successful project plan. Follow these six steps on how to create a project management plan and lead your team with confidence.

Identify And Discuss With The Stakeholders

A stakeholder is anyone who is affected by the results of your project plans. Make sure you identify all the stakeholders and keep their interests in mind while working on your projects. That includes your customers and end users.

A project is successful when it has met the needs of the stakeholders. Certainly, stakeholders are directly or indirectly impacted by the project.

Collect All The Work Related Items

Identify all the work related items that are a part of the project. For instance, the work related items include emails, open tasks in your project management tools and scribbled notes. This is the first step that accelerates the project.

Firstly, learn to organize all these work related pieces. Prioritize them as tasks that are part of your project. If you are stuck prioritizing the tasks, ask yourself, which task has the most imminent and hard deadline?

Set And Prioritize Work

Find out what stakeholders expect from the project. Communicate with him/her and make a list of what s/he needs. Prioritize the tasks accordingly and set specific goals. 

Moreover, these should outline project objectives, or the metrics and benefits you hope to achieve. Write your goals and the stakeholder needs they address in your project plan. Make sure it’s clearly communicated and easily shareable.

Define Deliverables

Identify the project planning and steps required to reach the project goals. Set firm milestones for essentials deadlines and deliverable. You will be able to track your progress once the work begins.

Firstly ensure you complete your tasks on time and keep the stakeholder happy. Estimate due dates for each deliverable in your project plan. The next step is to define the project schedule and finalize the dates.

Identify issues

When developing a project plan, you should know how to manage risks in a project. No project is risk-free. In short, crossing your fingers and hoping for the best will not do you any favors. Consider the steps you should take to either prevent certain risks, or limit their negative impact

Are there any issues you know off upfront that will affect the project planning process? Keep your alternatives ready. It is always suggested to have a backup plan for such situations. Conduct a risk assessment and develop a risk management strategy to make sure you are prepared.

Present The Project Plan To Stakeholders

Make sure your presentation isn’t one-sided. Have an open discussion with the stakeholders. Certainly, explain how your plan addresses stakeholders expectations and present your solutions to any conflicts.

Make your project plan clear and accessible to stakeholders so they don’t have to chase you down for simple updates. Make sure the stakeholders know what is expected from them and what actions they need to take.

Congratulations. Having followed all the steps above, you should have a good project plan and can manage your project easily. Don’t forget to update your plan as the plan makes progress, and continually measure progress against the plan.

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