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Love Your Job: Ten Kickass Ways To Love The Job You Hate

How happy are you at your workplace? No matter how well you do your job, you may not always be appreciated or rewarded for the work you do. You may face a number of challenges in your workplace such as long hours and tight deadlines or little fulfillment and many more. So how do you cope with this? How will you love your job? What should you do if the job you thought you would enjoy is going south of your expectations?

Perhaps your job felt like love at first sight slowly turned into a struggle. Or maybe, you took the job because you needed it and knew the situation isn’t ideal. Ask yourself – is it the job or is it you? Even the best job won’t seem great if your attitude is bad. So the fact that you are seeking ways to improve your outlook means you are already on the right track. It is always possible to revive your relationship with your job. And since you are reading this, you have already taken the first step.

Here are ten simple ways to learn to love your job even when you don’t like it at the moment.

Take Pride In your Workplace

If you wake up not wanting to go to work, or your work drags you down, both you and your work will suffer. Even if you put on a happy face, your downheartedness can also negatively impact your relationships. Work can feel like a real bore if you don’t feel like you have something to strive for.

It is advised to work with your supervisor to set reasonable but inspiring goals that motivate you. It is important to set goals that inspire and help provide structure to the day. Achieving these goals can also provide leverage for you to negotiate a raise or even ask for a promotion. And that gradually would make you love your job.

Do Something You Love, While You Are Not Working

Unless you chose your job just for the money, as a necessary but joyless step toward your dream, you probably have started for a grand vision for what you hoped to achieve. But then, reality hit and the job became a disappointment.

For most of you who are reading this, you definitely don’t see yourself in the same workplace in the next ten years. Your passion may lie elsewhere, and that is a big reason why we sometimes have trouble enjoying a job that isn’t going anywhere for us. That is why it is important to always fuel your interests on the side. Who knows? This could be a stepping stone to starting your own business.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Support

If you feel overwhelmed, swamped with work or are struggling with a particular aspect of your job, don’t be afraid to consult a trusted co-worker. Ask your manager about the ways you might be able to find support.

See if they can help you figure out ways to delegate work, schedule tasks so your workload is balanced, or even train you for that matter. This can make your nightmarish tasks easy and more manageable.

Talk To Your Boss Regularly

When you don’t feel like going to work or when you feel emotionally drained at the end of the day, you are probably experiencing early to late-stage burnout. Your boss may not be the nicest person in the world, but generally, people in charge have a decent number of passion for the place they work in.

When we work at a place that drains us, it would be nice to sit with your boss and hear his perspective of how things are going. It may even inspire you to improve your own responsibilities, and the initiative won’t go unnoticed.

Concentrate On The Task At Hand

You might be overburdened or underutilized at the moment. Maybe you weren’t given the support you needed to thrive. The excitement turned into cynicism. But, having kept this in mind, do not let yourself be distracted by worrying about all other things to be done. Do not lose your energy over undesirable situations you find yourself in.

Be yourself. Be ruthless. Be done with the task you are working on and avoid putting it on the procrastination list.

Have Fun With Your Coworkers

Fair warning: This works only as long as it doesn’t interfere with your productivity. Playing games and cracking inside jokes with your coworkers is a great way to keep up your morale on a stressful day. Encourage your boss to have short games to clear everyone’s head.

Moreover, adopt small gestures such as bringing snacks for your coworkers. Being kind to others will make you and them happier. If you are working somewhere that always seems to have an air of negativity, then simple gestures like this will go a long way.

Stay Alert And Present

It is impossible to love your job if you are mindlessly browsing Facebook, CNN or Amazon all day. Try to stay present and concentrate on the work at hand. If you don’t have a lot to do, simply find a side project to work on.

Completing extra projects depicts initiative and makes a positive impression on the supervisor. If you do have a lot to do but just can’t concentrate, try this. Set increments of focused time and then reward yourself with mini-breaks as you get stuff done.

Take Regular Breaks

Get away from your normal workplace even only for five minutes in a day. Try taking breaks from laptops, computers and do not forget to leave your cell phones behind. Make sure you have lunch breaks – not just for food, but also for fresh air and a mental break.

Eat a healthy lunch, and if you snack, make sure it is healthy too. Healthy food helps boost both your creativity and productivity. 

Health tip: Look beyond adrenaline and caffeine and find other ways to energize yourself. Try an indoor game for a change.

Try Creating A Pleasant Work Environment

Contribute toward creating a pleasant work environment. Do not gossip inside the office as it creates negativity all around. Minimise your time with people that you do not resonate with or dislike.

Learn to have fun at work. Laugh more and chill out. Perform with a more fun-oriented approach.

Remember Why You Are Here

Remind yourself why you took the job in the first place. Track your thoughts back to the initial job offer and why you accepted it. Even if things have changed since then, keeping in mind why you accepted the job offer helps. You navigate the next set of steps to decide whether you are taking action to improve your job or preparing a plan to find a new one.

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