Life Skills You’ll Always Need

Every year countless people are entering the workforce. People retire and naturally, positions will open. People get promoted, bam!, another job has opened.  But in order to secure any level of a job, it’s important to have some life skills that set you apart from other potential candidates in your pool.

Sometimes employers feel that recent grads lack skills that will make them competitive in the workplace. But these skills are not the ones acquired in the classroom. While the classroom prepares you for mathematical operations, or how to account for the money, the interpersonal skills are what you must have. Let’s face it, without these different life skills, you will not be able to succeed in the professional world.

Here are five skills that every college grad should have.  

A Willingness to Learn


As mentioned before, not all skills can be acquired in a classroom. Every single day you should be ready to take on new tasks and broaden your skills. The more you get comfortable with your position, the more natural it will feel to take on these new responsibilities. Trust your coworkers and bosses who have been there longer because they really do have the first-hand experience of what it takes. If you think about it, technology and operations evolve daily, so you will have to also. There will never be two of the same days at work. Each day is a blank page and your efforts will tell the story.  This is one of the most important life skills, and if you have this, it will help you throughout your lifetime.

Be a Team Player

Think of your office like your former sports team, your coworkers are your teammates and your boss is the coach. Like on any field, your actions impact everyone which ultimately results in the outcome of your team.  While you may be the best problem solver in this world on your own, the full ‘you’ is needed. This idea cannot be stressed enough how important it is to think about everyone on your team. You have to understand each person individually to succeed as a whole. Every decision you make will have an effect on your colleagues and your company. Stay cohesive to bring out the best in everyone.

Network Network Network


It’s all about who you know and where you know them from… When you know someone, you automatically have a better opportunity because you have an ‘in’. Jobs are hard enough to come by, so establishing these connections can make or break your career. If you sit down and think, there has to be somebody that you know. Is your mother’s brother a CEO? How about your father’s best friend? Well, there is definitely someone, and it’s important to secure these connections well before graduation. It’s best to start as soon as you enter university. The earlier you start, the more established they will be.   

Understand Basic Social Media

Every year social media becomes more and more prominent in every single aspect of the business. Whether you work at a hospital, law firm, in construction or at a bank, your company is utilizing social media in some form. These different media platforms allow a company to reach as many people as possible. With all the different forms of digital marketing are used, having a basic understanding of how they benefit business is very useful.  

Be a Multitasker


No job description is ever accurate when it comes to responsibilities. Let’s face it, every single job has quadruple the initial responsibilities listed and it is definitely not something that they will outright tell you. They expect you to know this. You must be able to juggle different daily responsibilities, as no two days are the same. So, being able to multitask is definitely one of the most significant life skills. If you haven’t already, you must master this skill. Whatever your field may be, having skills from all different areas will help you succeed.

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