Jobs – Expectations Vs Reality

No matter what your dream jobs these days are, most people have similar expectations of the job that you desire. The big offices, the cool colleagues and the chance to show off your mad skills are some things you watch on TV. Unless you are a high level manager, your 9 to 5 is not going to be as good as you expected. You need to know what you are getting yourself into. Realize, that there will be good days and bad days. To save yourself from disappointment, it is better to tone your expectation down a bit. 

You should absolutely pursue your dreams. But it is important to manage your expectations and balance them with reality.

Your Working Space

Jobs - Expectations Vs Reality 1

More often than not, your working space will not have comfy chairs and big desks with your name written on it. And moreover, there won’t be anyone running around getting coffee for you. You will probably just have a desk with a divider separating the person next to you.

It’s very likely that you may not even have a cubicle. You want a desk and a cabin to yourself. You will have to work for it. And it is going to take years.

Things you learnt in college

Jobs - Expectations Vs Reality 2

You might think that the last four years have prepared you to tackle any challenge you face. And, that you have knowledge to do anything and everything that might come across. If you have this in mind, you are very wrong my friend. Pulling through jobs these days is not easy as it seems.

You spend the first month at office coming to terms with the fact that you know nothing. The environment is nothing like the days you spent in the university except for they train you for some months. And the training is not what you think it is. They do not spoon-feed you. They just provide you the material and expect you to learn by yourself.

Office Environment

Jobs - Expectations Vs Reality 3

Most of us tell ourselves that  the workday might be boring, but the day is full of crazy antics. Everyone feels like a family and work and have fun together. You expect to make a lot of friends just like you did in college. But reality is, it’s closer to ‘No Exit’. 

No one talks to each other unless they have to. You only have one or two friends that made you feel comfortable in your recent days. And later, even they would only walk by your desk for a quick ‘hi’.

Work Flexibility

Jobs - Expectations Vs Reality 4

This applies to those working flexi hours where you think you will be able to work at your convenience and you have a lot of free time. In reality, you will find yourself working very unconventional hours chasing deadlines.

But then, what about work life balance? If you really want it to happen, time management is the key. Learn to manage your life outside work the same way you maximize your hours at the office. Doing this will get you closer to your work-life balance expectations.

Knowing your Job

Jobs - Expectations Vs Reality 5

You enter the office thinking you are going to nail the job. You come to work and they tell you the exact thing expected from you and you will always know what you should be working on and at what time. It is not easy surviving jobs these days.

On the contrary, you will have no idea what you are doing on most occasions. The longer you work there, the less sure you will be about your role. It just seems like if you open some important looking document on your system, everyone assumes that you are working.

Glued to Your Computer

Jobs - Expectations Vs Reality 6

This is the only thing where reality doesn’t stress you. You are not expected to stay on your computer for all nine hours. You are allowed to interact with your colleagues and take coffee breaks. It is also allowed to have lunch break.

You don’t have to be confined to your desk every single minute you are in office. It’s OK to take breaks. In fact, it helps with productivity. Just make sure that you don’t spend more time taking breaks than working.

Impress Everyone

You think you enter the office and impress everyone with your mad skills. Everyone will come up to you appreciating and telling you that you are really going to be successful one day. Everyone has their own job and their own deadlines. When you show up freshly graduated, nobody has the time to pay attention to the work of a fresher.

Nobody will really care about you or your work. If you really want to get noticed, that ride is going to be bumpy my friend.

Dealing With High Level Projects

Jobs - Expectations Vs Reality 8

Do not expect that they are going to tag you in bigger projects as soon as you join. You get higher level projects once you are promoted. And do you really think you are going to be promoted that easily?

You will have to show them what you have got. You will have to work your way up the ladder. Gain the trust of people you work with. Be consistent and be patient. Greater responsibilities will come in time.

Going Back Home On Time

Jobs - Expectations Vs Reality 9

Your working hours are 9 to 5 but that does not mean you leave the office at 5 sharp. You may have deadlines looming out. You may find yourself working extra hours many days a week. This is quite common in young executives in jobs these days.

As mentioned earlier, time management is the key. But don’t worry. All those extra hours will pay off when you deliver exceptional work.

Getting Noticed

Jobs - Expectations Vs Reality 10

As much as you like to show your skills off to your bosses, it may have to wait a little longer. The tasks you are assigned may not give you an opportunity to show your best skills off, but it sharpens your skills, nevertheless. 

This not only increases your productivity, but also helps you become an all rounder employee in jobs these days.

The reality is there might be a variety of jobs you might thrive in. Do not limit yourself to anything. Do not give up. The office environment might not suit you for some days, but learn to adjust. But if you think the environment is toxic, do not bare it. You are just a fresher. A lot of opportunities are coming your way.

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