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Video Resume

Is Video Resume the New Best Thing in Career Enhancement? [And How is TikTok Responsible]

TikTok was huge. In fact, it was so huge that as soon as it left (read thrown out of) the Indian market, the biggest social media companies and even YouTube dedicated a lot of their server space to TikTok-like videos. 

To wit, we now have Facebook short videos, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and at least a dozen of popular apps that are more or less clones of TikTok scavenging around the phenomenally huge user base of the mighty TikTok.

Why did TikTok become so popular?  

Who made the maximum gains out of this popularity?

Was this a flash-in-the-pan gimmick or are there larger ramifications to this?

And what does all of this mean for your career?

Let’s answer these questions one at a time and gather from them whatever useful insight we can. Before this article runs its course, we’ll also tell you how the hiring industry has changed forever. Don’t worry, we’ll also show you how to survive in this new, bad, post-pandemic recruitment universe.

Give me some sunshine…

As cheesy as it may sound, lines like these were raging on TikTok and not very long ago, we were all shaking a leg (so you can do away with the cringe expression right about now).   

The point here is this: regardless of the average quality of content on TikTok, the platform was pretty darn addictive. Everybody wanted a share of the pie. From cricketers to Bollywood celebrities, everyone swooped down from their Instas and Facebooks and Twitters to cash in on the ongoing frenzy. Yeah, they did some silly stuff, too!

As the platform grew, so did the propensity of bigger names joining the platform. 

But what was so addictive about this new app? What was the secret recipe? Three words: easy, lazy consumption. The ease with which EZJobs steamrolled to popularity in an admittedly saturated market was for all to see. 

The psychological breakdown of the phenomena is not extraordinary, or as George Carlin would put it: “minimally exceptional”. All TikTok effectively did was be supremely attractive to the lazy consumer.

Raining gold

With TikTok’s wildfire popularity, a lot of people came into the fore: local influencers, beauty tip sharers, dancers, singers and pranksters. Beyond the popularity, some of them also went on to make decent cash. 

Advertisers ran riot. The conversion costs were lowest in Indian advertising history, with Tiktok ads generating 235% more impressions, generating 155% more clicks and spending 36% less money than Facebook ads in a test by Jungletopp.  

Brands were quickly settling in at finding their most effective tool to reach all kinds of target groups: students, employers, job seekers, shoppers, etc. What they lacked in technology, targeting and nuance, TikTok made up for with sheer platform frenzy. 

Before TikTok could soar higher and fix its lacunae with respect to technology, it found its wings clipped. The rain of gold, as it turned out, was short-lived. 

The permanent change in video consumption

For a long, long time now, I’ve shouted from rooftops: clicking is action, scrolling is intuition. 

Ask yourself this question: which was (and continues to be) the most popular video platform in India? YouTube, right? Right. That answer will be ‘right’ for a long time to come. Now imagine this: even YouTube got their act straight and got themselves a vertical video mode. 

Moreover, apps that looked like TikTok cropped up by the scores. They all gained users by the millions. In fact, a lot of local Indian substitutes of TikTok did terrific work in reaching out to the huge space left by the subtraction of TikTok.

TikTok alternatives effectively captured: 

  • The sentiment of urgency in TikTok’s erstwhile user base 
  • A monumental demand-supply gap 
  • Huge user interest in a new platform with TikTok’s look and feel
  • Advertising revenue of brands looking for a TikTok substitute 

We are a safe distance away from the TikTok ban to say that vertical video consumption was not a 100-day gimmick. Neither was it a flash in the pan. The vertical videos on Instagram Reels are just as addictive as TikTok. The major reason behind that is the repetition of creators from TikTok on newer platforms like Reels. After all, the mantra of “easy, lazy consumption” wasn’t that hard to emulate for existing social media giants, or as they are now called, The Big Tech. 

Why should you care?

As a job seeker, you could come back and ask: “What does all of this mean to me?” 

You would not be wrong? If something drastic has changed in another industry, how does it impact your industry. You see, entertainment and employment are nowhere near each other when it comes to compatibility. Not really. 

Unless, two different offices from different industries start working in the same building. Then, the two companies start sharing the same lift, the same facilities, and a lot of their work cultures as well. 

Today, you should care about each little change that occurs on products used on phones. An HR manager accustomed to TikTok-styled videos will look at you with dollar-eyes the moment they look at your vertical-video resume on the EZJobs app.  

Hear it from the horse’s mouth: video resumes are the next big thing in career advancement. To a large extent, it gives the interviewer a fairly decent idea about whether or not they’d like to speak to you. And that, my friends, makes a huge difference.

How to make a great video resume?

Thankfully, creating a great video resume is not that hard. All you need to do is write the best six or seven lines about yourself. Include your top skills, your highest qualifications (including the ones you are undergoing), and whatever else you feel is relevant for your line of work. 

Practice these lines before the mirror and do not stop until you have impressed yourself. Once you have impressed yourself, you can impress anyone under the sun. 

After you have done the self-game, it’s time to go ahead and upload the clip on the EZJobs app. As soon as you do that, two things happen immediately:

1. Your profile score shoots up, and

2. Employers start taking note. We could tell you about the third thing there, but I’ll let you figure that out for yourself.  

The long and short boils down to two things – the legacy is out and the new is in.

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