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Interview Mistakes: 15 Things You Never Say In An Interview

The primary goal of facing an interview is to convince the hiring manager that you have the right set of skills and a remarkable personality that make you the right candidate for the role. There are certain behavioral patterns recruiters see as red flags. These interview mistakes are important for you to know and avoid. After all, a single wrong move, and you could be rejected and be on your way home. Interviews can be stressful, but the right set of manners can lead you to the desired position in the organization. So here is a set of 15 interview mistakes you should avoid in an interview.

“What is this company about?”


If you are planning to face an interview, you should know about the position and the company you are being interviewed for. You should not face a recruiter knowing next to nothing. This shows you are lazy.

You want to depict you are excited to work with the company and have done your homework.

“I really need this job because my family…”


Recruiters do not consider candidates who drag their personal life or personal goals in between. If you talk about your vacation plans and your family’s financial crunch, you might get rejected.

Keep it as professional as possible. Focus on your best skills and the value you add as an employee. 

“I am really tired and nervous”


This is seen as a grave interview error. Sometimes, recruitment drives can extend to a day-long or even take the whole night. It’s obvious for any candidate or even a recruiter to be exhausted. If you show your tiredness while facing an interview, the recruiter might get frustrated and might reject you right away.

No matter how tired you are, you should always present yourself as fresh as you were during the registration. This depicts your heightened confidence and enthusiasm. Anything else counts as one of many interview mistakes.

“I am not sure about this but…”


Nobody really knows what to say or how to convey a point in an interview. This shows you are unprepared or you lack confidence even if you are prepped up. 

Positivity is the key. Even if you are unsure or unaware of the topic, go ahead and face the question as confidently as possible and with a smile on your face.

“I don’t have any weakness”


Sometimes when asked for a weakness, candidates tend to answer with a strength instead. If you do this you might grab your file and go home. 

Every recruiter knows candidates lack certain skills. Be creative and present your weaknesses in a way that would not cause any harm to the company.

“Sorry! I have to take this call”


This is another one of those underrated interview mistakes. You need to prioritize your interview. Answering a call or replying to a text in an interview is rude and gives off the impression of taking the recruiter for granted.

It is suggested to use cellphones before the interview and not to carry them to interview halls.

“I am late because of the traffic”


“If you can’t be punctual while asking for the job, how late will you be after you get hired?” says renowned career coach and motivator Alex Simon.

Even if you have to leave early after the interview, report one hour before the registration starts. Giving excuses for turning up late is highly unprofessional, unacceptable and frankly, somewhat reprehensible.

“I, like,…. Increased the sales up to like,.. 25%..”


Recruiters know that the number of times you are using ‘like’ or ‘um’, is the number of times you are trying to cover up your fumble.

This depicts a lack of confidence. Try and erase ‘like’ from your vocabulary by slowing your pace down by a bit. Attempt mock interviews and practice more.



One word answers in interviews is a big NO. If your answer is yes for any question, give a detailed explanation on why you agreed.

While avoid denying or saying no to anything, be creative and explain why you can’t agree on the point without offending the interviewer.

“I don’t know”


Even if you are well prepared for the interview, you can still get a question that stumps you. When that happens, saying “I don’t know” makes things go from bad to unrepairable.

Take time to think and answer the question creatively. You can ask for a pen or paper, or can ask to have some water so you get some time to think. Avoid being negative in interviews. Recruiters consider positive candidates.

“No Questions.. Thank You”


Interviews should seem more like conversations. Candidates should always ask questions at the end of the interview. Not having any question shows you don’t have any interest in the position or in the company.

Always prepare some questions at the back of your mind to ask at the end of the interview. This shows that you are interested enough to learn more.

“How long will this interview continue?”


Even if you are in a hurry or you should be somewhere else at the moment, saying you want to leave could be a huge bummer for the hiring manager.

If the interviewer extends your 30 minutes interview into 90 minutes, that shows everything is going well. Don’t blow it by saying you are getting late.

“I don’t feel hungry enough”

If your meeting is going to take place at a restaurant, it is important to stay glued to your best behavior even if your interviewer is casual in conversation.

Let your interviewer take the lead and try to ask casual questions like if he has been to a particular restaurant before.

“Does this company provide vacation time?”

This question is too early to ask at an interview. Moreover, this is a very unappealing and arrogant way of having a conversation with a hiring manager.

The interviewer expects that you could help the organization grow or at least make their lives easier. So put your best foot forward and focus on expressing your skills and how valuable you could be for the company.

“I am going to be an entrepreneur soon”

Starting your own business is great, but if you are applying for a job and you mention this, it clearly depicts that you want a job for funding.

Employers want to hire candidates that would stay around for a while. If you tend to do the entrepreneurial stunt, you are probably not getting the job.

Among the innumerable instances of unpardonable stupidity, these were just a few that you must not exhibit in an interview. When you present your thoughts positively in the interview, you stand a great chance at scoring the job, provided all other expectations are met. Chief among the other essentials is avoiding a set of known resume mistakes that most candidates keep making all the time.

Please bear in mind that making these essential omissions of interview mistakes does not guarantee a job on its own. You must prepare for the interview and specifically the job role you are being interviewed for. That along with these, will stand you in good stead of being selected for the job.

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