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Interview Failure: 10 Unexpected Lessons You Learn From Interviews You Don’t Crack

Facing a job rejection is pretty disheartening. We agree you might feel like giving up on everything then and there. You boiled down all your effort into your resume. Spent ages tailoring your cover letter.  You put your best foot forward in the interview. They would be silly not to hire you, right? Facing an interview failure is not easy. Unfortunately, your hard work does not always pay off. Even when you thought you tried your best, you may end up not getting the job.

We suggest you always ask for feedback. So you know where you may have gone wrong. If you look at rejection more positively, here are a few invaluable lessons that you can learn from it.

Be humble and confident

There is a thin line between confidence and arrogance. Hiring managers prefer candidates who answer professionally but humbly. Remember, excessive flaunting might catch the eye, but not necessarily the imagination.

Don’t act like the job is in your pocket or the employer is at a loss for not hiring you. This kind of behavior is not very attractive and you might end up making a fool of yourself. It is important to highlight your skills and achievements, albeit in a modest way.  

Know your weaknesses

Being able to identify your weaknesses is great. It demonstrates self-awareness and motivation to improve yourself. This is one of the most important ways to face interview failure.

It is quite common that interviewers ask you about your weaknesses. Don’t brag about your strength when asked about weaknesses. You can turn your answer into a positive one even while being honest. 

Ask questions


Not just at the end, ask questions throughout the interview. An interview that seems more like a conversation impresses employers.

Unless you want to walk right into another interview failure, make it a two-way process. Ask everything you can so that you learn about the company and the role. Let employers know that you are interested in the position.

Share information that is not included in your resume

If the employers have called you for the interview, they have probably already been through your resume. Do you still want to repeat what’s on your resume verbatim? No, right?

They want to learn more about you. They want to know what you are capable of. Elaborate your past experiences and achievements. Share various examples and stories that they could not learn from the document. Be creative and highlight important points.

Try and Improve yourself

You have nothing to lose when you are rejected in an interview. Then why not ask the interviewer about your flaws?

Let’s not kid ourselves. There’s always room for improvement. Research what companies are looking for in candidates. Do not forget to get feedback from the interviewers after every interview.

See positives in negatives


There’s no need to grief about an interview rejection every time. You can always see a rejection in a positive way. Not every company you interview for would be a great fit for you. Sometimes rejection is a blessing in disguise anyway.

They might not select you even after putting your best foot forward. Think about it this way – the interviewer just might have saved you from a job you might have struggled with. And if they turned you down based on a mistake you made, you know what to avoid in the next interview.

Express your personality

While you think you are a fit for the company, do not be afraid to assert your personality. Don’t be fake. Interviewers are not fools. They know who is faking it and who are being their genuine self.

It is important to demonstrate your qualities to the interviewer. The interviewer also wants a bit more about feed to get an idea about how you would fit in.

Be yourself


It is extremely important to be genuine in an interview. Most interviewers are smart enough to notice if you are being fake. They know who is going to fit into the company and who is not.

Don’t think that you have got the job in your bag. That seems quite unattractive on your part. Highlight your skills but don’t show off. Be humble and modest.

Don’t be overconfident

Do not assume that you have nailed it after facing a successful interview. There might be better candidates who might have done better than you. Do not pin all your hopes on just one role.

Make use of time and continue your job hunt. There’s nothing wrong with keeping your options open by applying to several jobs. The more interviews you face, the more chances you have of getting hired.

Don’t give up


It is understandable if you lose hope after facing a couple of rejections. Not everything is meant to be. So don’t let yourself grind to a halt.

Everyone faces rejection at some point or another. Do not give up and endure your job hunt. Take on board any suggestions you receive on interview failure and know your time will come.

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