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Interview 101: How To Best The Three Phases of The Interview?

We all want to get our interviews right. So much as a tiny spec of dust off the target could upset the motion of things. That’s precisely why people prepare for interviews. However, things still go wrong and more interviews go kaput than we can collectively imagine.

Why does this happen despite hours of preparation? More importantly, how do you make sure this doesn’t happen to you on your big day? In this article, we tell you about the three phases of the interview and how they influence your measure of success. We also circle back to a few things most people get wrong during interviews.

The Pre-Interview

This is 0% rocket science and 100% horse sense. The preparation for an interview begins way before the interview. Here are some neat ideas that help you up to speed before you appear for an interview.

Make Acquaintances

Become familiar with the company and the person interviewing you. When someone interviews you, they like to know how much homework you’ve put together about the people at the company.

You can tour both the company and the interviewer’s social media pages and read about them on their websites. A particularly pithy tip is to find out what work the interviewer has done in his past organizations. You might never actually need that information in an interview, but you will have a clearer idea of where their questions are coming from.

Build Your Profile

This one’s a no-brainer. Whether you have experience or not, you will need to build your profile well. Employers take a look at your profile before they get a proper look at you. The profile is your first round of the interview for all practical purposes.

If you do not have the experience, you could still make an extremely impressive resume by highlighting the right skills. Remember, the right skills are the ones that make you a good asset to the organization.

It’s worth noting that you don’t always have to know what are the right skills for the position. In such cases, do not shy away from seeking professional resume writing help.

Stay in the Hunt

Job hunting is a full-time job. People looking for jobs are expected to stay online just about every working hour. Staying online dramatically increases your chances of getting hired. If you are using an interactive job search application like EZJobs, you have the option to keep looking back frequently. Moreover, make sure your phone isn’t on silent mode.

The Law of Averages

When you are applying for jobs, make use of the law of averages, and apply for as many jobs as possible. Yes, there is a chance that you will be bombarded with loads of interview calls. But hey! That’s what we are looking for – the problem of plenty.

Treat the pre-interview stage like the top of a funnel. You take in as much or as little that comes your way. The exclusions happen way later toward the bottom end of the funnel.

The Interview 

candidate answering interview questions
Answering the interview

Stay Positive 

People who are confident during interviews are confident because they are positive. Complementarily, the positivity gestates out of confidence. Do these things to stay positive during interviews:

  • Do your homework on the company 
  • Create a positive profile that’s rich in information 
  • Stay informed on every little detail about the job profile 

Get a Hang of Common Interview Questions 

Once you are in the interview, there will be a lot of questions. That’s what interviews are about in the first place. But not all questions are focussed on the job role you are interviewing for. Some questions are considered to be warm-up questions.
While it’s okay to give standard answers to these questions, you must have an eye out for some really tricky once among these. Follow the EZJobs Community to find answers to common tricky questions in interviews.

Never Talk About Negatives  

To extend the “be positive” line of thought, make sure you do not talk about anything negative. This includes things that could bear a negative undertone about your last employer. Of course, you need to make every attempt not to say anything negative about yourself. 

Even when questions are directed to extract something negative about yourself, try and spin it into giving out a positive attribute that might have worked against you temporarily, but gave an edge to your team or your organization.

Set a Precedence for Excellence

It always pays to talk about situations in which you brought your team out of trouble or helped fix a difficult situation. This way, you set a precedence for excellence. Your interviewer will look at you as someone who’s capable of helping not just themselves, but their teams out fo difficult situations.

The Post-Interview 

post interview
post interviewing candidate

Send the Sweet Thank You Note

Always take some time to tell the interviewer that you are grateful. Ideally, you should do it the same day as the interview. Try and make it more personal and incorporate within your thank-you email what parts of the interview you learned. But there’s a little warning attached to that one: do not go too over the top, you might blow up your chances.

Keep Looking

The job hunt stop with your first day at your new organization. As long as that day doesn’t arrive, you should officially keep looking. The more, the merrier. Make sure you get as many interviews as possible because once you are on job, you might not do an interview for a long time.

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