HOW TO: Stand Out to Employers Pre-Interview

Standing out on a job application is one of the most important things that you can do. Employers are looking for that candidate to meet all of the company’s needs and more. Let’s look at some employers pre-interview tips.

Let’s face it, a hiring manager is not looking for someone to just ‘do the job’, but rather someone who can do the job and then some. Your skills must meet all the qualifications, with additional skills that are not required. 

Organizations are looking for someone who can multitask and bring a variety of skills to the table. If you can just adequately do the job, that’s not good enough. You must be willing to go above and beyond for the benefit of the organization.  

Do you have a unique set of skills in your field that others are unlikely to poses? Well, highlight these in your job application. Make sure these skills stand out and are useful for the potential job. If you’re applying in the IT field, English and history skills are not going to be needed. Keep your application relevant at all times.  

Here are three ways to spice up your job application before the interview process:


Taking the time to reach out to the employer’s post-interview is something that we know all too well. But something that might not be as obvious is following-up on an application. Has it been a few weeks without any response regarding your current application? If so, it may be time to follow-up. When you take the time to reach out to your potential employer, it shows that you really mean business and that you are interested in the position. You can ask them things like that status of the application if there is a potential interview, or what the next steps are. Whichever you choose, taking the time to do so is highly impressive to employers. It will definitely make you stand out from other applicants. 

Know Your Strengths

Sending out thousands of job applications obviously increases your chances of getting an interview, but are you applying for the right jobs? Many times, we feel the pressure of simply trying to find a job, that we send out applications for jobs that may not be a fit for us. There is something about the act of submitting an application that makes us feel content, but submitting an application for a job that doesn’t match your qualifications will not make the search easier. One of the best things to do is to read the job description and highlight all of the skills that match your own. If more than half is highlighted, then applying is the best thing to do. If only a few skills are a match, it may not be the best fit for you. You know your skills and capabilities, use your knowledge!

Customize Applications

Job applications are there for a reason, they speak to applicants and clearly state the skills and qualifications that they are seeking. Whenever and wherever you apply, your application should be a match to the specific job. Is a certain skillset required? If so, your application must highlight these different skills. Is a cover letter needed? Likely, and in this case, your cover letter should NOT be generic. Hiring managers read thousands of applications and cover letters, and they can distinguish the genuine verse generic ones. Spend the extra time to cater to your application to the needs of the organization, it will only help you.   

Showing a potential employer that you care is the most important thing you can do throughout your job search. Take the extra time and really work your application so it stands out. Extra time upfront will translate to a smoother job searching process. 

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