Four Ways to Finding Part-Time Work on Campus

Want some extra spending money during the school year?

Want to build up your resume?

Even if you don’t want to work, necessarily, it really is import ant. Having a job throughout your college experience prepares you for what’s to follow. It will help with time management, prioritizing, and staying on track. Any career path you choose to take will expect to see some form of work experience.

Here are some ways you can find part-time jobs on campus:

  1. Find Your Campus Career Services Database – Most of the time you can access the part-time campus jobs on a job board on campus or on your school’s website. Jobs may include library assistant or becoming a teacher’s assistant. Take advantage of your school advisors for help, they may be able to find a job that perfectly suits your skills set.
  2. Offer Up Your Own Services – If you are skilled at something that is not offered on campus, it’s always best to get your skills set out there by word of mouth. You can use EZJobs to post your job type and hourly wage to get the best results from anyone on or near your campus!
  3. Search on EZJobs – While you can post your own jobs on EZJobs, you will be able to browse hundreds of jobs suited to match your needs. Let top employers discover your resume and invite you to apply. It really is fast and reliable!
  4. Be Prepared – As with any job, you will have to interview or show some type of qualification in order to start working, the best way to prepare is to find commonly asked questions when interviewing for a job and start to practice. If your interview is in person, dress in business casual, and practice in front of a mirror before you are interviewed. The great thing about EZJobs is the in-app messaging tool and stand-out interactive video resume feature. This unique aspect allows for a simple way to get interviewed and hired!

It’s likely that whichever part-time job you desire is in some way, available. All it takes is a little time and research to find the perfect fit. But, don’t worry, there is the perfect part-time opportunity for you.

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