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Four Tips to Managing Employees Well

The workplace environment is like a wild jungle, with all sorts of personalities and people. No matter what category you fall under, there will always be individuals who you like, can just tolerate, and those that you just . . . CANNOT. 

Whether you genuinely love someone or just have no ability to deal with them, in the premise of a workspace, there must always be appropriate, respectful behavior. It’s the only way to get work done productively and efficiently. 

Here are four tips to ensure a positive, and cordial manager/employee experience:

  • Be Sensitive

As a leader, sensitivity can always be sensed from your employees. You should always be approachable and willing to understand. Each individual worker will handle situations differently based on their past experiences and culture, so you must be able to adjust based on the scenario. Try and put yourself inside their shoes. You may know every ounce of who they are at work, but it is very likely that there is a completely different person behind the employee. Now of course, not every employee will need this extra sensitivity, but it’s better to start with more and fall back if needed. 

  • Address Problems Face-On

When different issues and scenarios arise, it’s easy to just sweep them under the rug or handle them without care and thought. If the problem is minor, or extremely severe, remain honest and open throughout. There is no reason to drag out any issues, and the longer you sit on an issue, the more it becomes “okay”. 

For example, if your employee is taking too long for lunch, don’t just sit back and let it be, speak to them, privately, and let them know that you have noticed this. Tell them how it has become a problem, and the reasoning for why it is impacting the company. People are always more willing to listen these face-to-face interactions. 

WHY? Because in-person communication and interaction is more genuine and concrete.  

  • Listen

As a leader, you’re not a dictator, and you have no ability to force your employees to do anything. There should always be open communication. This will help ensure that problems do not start. As a listener, you show your employees that you care, and are interested in helping them succeed. The more open you are, the more likely they will be to come to you with any problems or concerns. 

  • Use Nouns

When communicating with your employees, be sure to use nouns, and forget the verbs. Nouns speak more to the individual, rather than to the cause. People are always thinking about the “I”, and not the “we”. People’s main concerns is always with what is in it for them. So, speaking to the employee and how they can individually help, will generate the most success.   

Managing people is one definitely one of the toughest things to do, but with certain pointers, the process will not seem as difficult. Focus on the positives, be encouraging, and never lose sight of your goals.