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Five Tips to a Perfect Workspace

It’s likely that you spend more time at your desk than in your own home. Between the commute, time spent at the office, followed by personal responsibilities after the work day, you might be out of the house for more than 12 hours on the daily.

So, what does this mean?

  • Bring Your World Inside the Office

People are most productive in environments where they are comfortable. For some, it’s the kitchen table, others, to the couch, and sometimes, lounging in your bed. While you obviously cannot bring your bedroom to your desk, you can add different touches to your desk to make it feel more “homey”. Think about the different elements of your home, that make you smile, and feel at ease. Some different elements may be photos of friends and family, or maybe even your favorite throw-blanket. Whatever you choose, make sure the different items that bring you happiness.

  • Decorate Your Space

No one wants a boring desk. . . Think about it, how fun is it to stare at the same plain walls all day? It honestly will affect your train of through and productivity. Decorations that are unique to you will help keep you motivated and on track. Whether you prefer colorful pens, a white board, or maybe even patterned paperclips, always keep your space fun and lively.

  • More Standing, Less Sitting

It’s so easy for our minds to just wander off when we are stationary for a long period of time, never mind all the damage it does to our backs and bodies. It’s time to ditch your office chairs and invest in a “sit-stand desk”. It’s great to have the ability to stay active and keep the blood flowing. Now you have the option of sitting, but also, to get up, and get moving!

  • Natural Light

Windows are really really important. Natural light benefits your sleep schedule, helps with concentration, creativity and also learning. These four elements are all aspects of generating productivity inside the office. If your office space has no windows, you might want to reconsider it!

  • Stay Organized

Everyone has a preference, but staying organized should always be a top priority. Being organized is in your hands, and you have the ability to put your own style to it. Do you love organizing things with colors? Go ahead. You have the freedom to be you. So, instead of dreading your workspace, add your individual touches. For the duration of the day, your desk is safe space. It’s the one part of the office that is solely where you can simply be, YOU.