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Five Social Media Specifications When Applying for Jobs

When using it wisely, social media is very beneficial to you and your job search. Sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Twitter are great platforms to inform you of potential job openings. Companies often post about openings on these platforms to get the word out there, you just have to be looking. It is important to follow some social media guidelines to open various job opportunities.

Social media has its positives, but also has lots of room for error. It’s important to not lose sight that when used the wrong way, social media can come back to haunt you. This goes for current employment as well as future employment. Your current employers will definitely monitor your activity, as you are a representation of them, and they do care what you post about. Future employers will want to make sure that you are composed, as why would they want to bring someone on the team who utilizes social media wrongly?

Here are five tips for social media and employment opportunities:

Keep Accounts Private


If your social media platform of choice offers privacy settings, then it’s best that you take advantage of them. Privacy settings can honestly be a lifesaver for employment opportunities. Since media outlets are very prominent today, employers and hiring managers are on top of your social media. It’s likely that before they bring you in, they already know all the ins and outs of your different accounts. In fact, some job applications require you to include your social media handles. When putting this into perspective, would you want to hire someone who has a negative appearance on social media? The answer is no because your employees represent you, and your brand as a whole, both on and off the clock.

Post Like Everyone is Watching

Regardless of your privacy settings are intact, post like the whole world is watching. If you’re comfortable with your content for the world to see, then employers will be comfortable too. Remember, your online presence is a representation of your real-world presence, and it really does make a statement. A great rule of thumb is “would I care if my mom saw this post?” If the answer is no, then you probably shouldn’t post it. If the answer is yes, then you’re just fine.

Monitor Tagged Photos


Just because you didn’t post the photo, doesn’t mean it won’t show up on your timeline. It’s absolutely fine to go out to a party with your friends, have a drink, and relax, but does it need to be posted about? Probably not. It’s okay to take these photos with your friends and have them for keepsakes, but it is not worth risking employment and future opportunities. Not everything is meant for the whole world to see, remember this.

Don’t Bad Mouth Your Employer

The absolute worst thing you could EVER do on social media is talk negatively of your employer. Whether you hate them or are angry from the work they give you, or just overall unhappy, social media is not the place to express that. In a situation like that, it’s probably best to just look for other employment. The way that you carry yourself with your current employer will roll over into future employment opportunities.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage


Don’t worry, not every aspect of social media is negative, and not everything will come back to haunt you. Social media platforms, and especially LinkedIn provide you with different job opportunities every single day, you just have to keep your eyes open. In addition, it’s a great idea to let your friends and family who are on social media to keep an eye out, too.

Instead of fearing the negatives of social media, use the positives to your advantage. Don’t fear the potential negatives, just think before you post. It’s just like words, once you say something, it’s out there. Before posting, really think long and hard, and asses if it is worth the post. If you have to think about it, you might not want to follow through.

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