Five Qualities all Company Leaders Should Demonstrate

The horror stories of bosses who treat their employees poorly is endless. From discouragement on a daily basis, to daily negativity in the office, bosses like these reduce employee productivity, while increasing stress and anxiety levels. 

On the other hand, a great boss, knows his employees, and knows them well. These leaders take the time to understand their workers, and also the key role that they play in the growth of the organization. 

But what exactly do these qualities entail? 

Great Leaders Should:

  • Clearly Communicate Employee Goals

A significant number of issues in the workplace from a lack of effective communication. By clearly stating assigned tasks and goals for your employees, you are giving them a clear sense of their expectations. Extensive research has showed us that one main employee stressor is not knowing what is expected of them. So, by clearly communicating with your employees, you lower stress levels and increase morale. Of course, these goals may change over time, so try to update your employees so that they always understand what is expected of them.  

  • Reward Your Employees for Good Performance 

The idea of “what’s in it for me” is always going to be present, so, rewarding your employees is a great way to increase motivation. Now, these rewards do not have to be crazy, they can be a simple as giving an extended lunch break. But by doing this, you are letting them know that their work is valued, which improves productivity and morale. Rewarding employees also engages them with the work they are doing and encourages them to work hard in order to continue reaching new goals.

  • Provide Feedback to Your Employees 

Nobody likes to be left in the dark, it’s not fun, so it’s always important to keep communication as open as possible in the workspace. As important as it is to reward employees for productive work, it’s just as important to speak to them when they aren’t carrying out a task or operation the correct way. Often times, employees will not even realize that something is being done incorrectly, so it is YOUR responsibility to tell them how you want things done. 

  • Be Understanding 

By showing that you can sympathize and empathize, you are in turn building a loyal relationship and encouraging them to do their best work. In order to achieve this, make sure you check in frequently with your employees. Asking them simple questions about their interests outside

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