Five Popular India Employment Opportunities

As it is, India is one of the leading job markets in the entire world. With over 1 billion people, the global marketplace is really soaring. With the industry’s constant changes and modernization, India is certainly keeping up.

An up and coming career field is in hotels and hospitality. India has had a significant increase in tourism and travel. That being said more and more people are needing the hospitality. With tourism, comes money, and travelers are not afraid to pay the big bucks. They want and expect to have the best of the best accommodations. Due to this, the opportunity is there. When it comes to hotels, whoever has the most luxurious accommodations will come out on top, so there is a lot of creativity needed. The money will be put in, so this opportunity is a big one to invest in.   

In addition to hotels and hospitality, the real estate market is on the rise. With a growing population of over 1 billion, the demand will always be there. It can be houses, apartments, townhouses, anything. Each one will suit someone. People love a variety, and whether the economy is flourishing or in a recession, people will always need a roof over their head. Jump on this opportunity while you can, because the opportunity will not last forever, space does run out. 

Social Media Marketing is another field you just can’t avoid. Any time, any place, and anywhere, we are surrounded by media, and it never stops. All successful companies today have some form of social media. Behind that, there is a team managing and creating the content to be posted. In 2019, this is the number one way that people acquire information today. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter really help market to the world. These outlets are not something you can manage without experience. People spend years learning how to master the different angles of each platform. Social media marketing also helps a business understand their audience. They can learn and understand the different trends and what people are longing for. Social media also allows for us to interact with customers and clients on a 1:1 basis. 

Another great area to go into is the medical field. Doctors, nurses, surgeons, pharmacists will always be called to serve the community. Just like houses are necessary to live, so are medical professionals, probably even more so! When you get sick, who do you visit? In most cases, the doctor immediately. If he finds an illness the next step is the pharmacist. The point is clear; these individuals help us live and survive. While the schooling process is long and tedious, the payoff is there. Being in this field comes with substantial pay. Not only are you helping others, but you are setting yourself up to succeed. The process is hard and there is no doubt of that, but the end result is worth it.  

Careers in the science and math research fields are also on the rise. It’s no secret that India is modernizing with the western world, as they have started to see that research and development is a key element for economic growth. With the field being so broad, a lot of money has been invested into it. Research doesn’t stop, and new advances are always trying to be found. Thing of different cancer drugs, and how they have advanced over the last 50 years, and imagine what could be possible in the next 50. India is also known for is leading efforts with space exploration. New areas of the galaxy are always being searched for, and you could be a part of it. 

All these opportunities are up and coming, so jump on them while you can. A place like EZJobs is a great place to start. With all available job opportunities, you can find the perfect fit very EZ. Get started today! 

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