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Eight Ways To Stand Out As A Manager Everyone Wants To Work For

Think back on your favorite manager or boss you have had. What set them apart? Chances are, they are a good listener, able rapport builder and an inspiration to others. They knew how to be a leader at work, instead of just a boss. And you can learn this skill, too. So do you too want to stand out as a manager.

It’s not easy being a manager these days. You are responsible for recruiting, hiring, training, coaching, modeling, engaging, clarifying, adapting and what not. And that’s all before lunch. And if you struggle with just one, your reports will say you are over your head.

Becoming a successful leader at work can be challenging. You want to be the one your team looks up to for guidance and support, but you may not be in a leadership role yet. So, can you establish yourself as a leader at work, and display the characteristics of a good leader daily?

Whenever you do, whatever you do, here are eight ways you can start to become a better leader today:

Service Mentally

You hire people to make your job easier. You probably imagine how they will free you up to pursue those big picture projects. Sure, your employees are here to serve you. But it runs both ways. To lead talented people, you must focus on serving them. You streamline processes, find resources, and keep the political nonsense at bay.

Bottom line: You figure out what holds them back and fix it. By putting their interests front and center, you eventually make work easier on yourself, too.

Adapt A Growing Mindset

True leaders also use their self-awareness and insight to consistently challenge themselves to grow. You view criticism and setbacks as unfortunate roadblocks, but as a way to improve yourself and your situation. You are constantly honing your skills and developing new ones. Adapting a growing mindset would help you stand out as a manager.

This is called growth mindset, and it’s high on the list of how to be a leader at work. When you are constantly striving to better yourself, you will be able to give and become more than you ever thought possible. Chances are you will be defying the odds, setting a new standard and stepping up to create the future you want.

Take On More Responsibility At Work

You want to be a leader at work, learn to take responsibility for anything that you are interested in, and own it. That also means that as long as you participate in that project, you influence whether it fails or succeeds. And also help you stand out as a manager.

Learn to take responsibility not just for the good things, but also the bad things. Take ownership of your mistakes and know it’s okay to be wrong. You cannot learn if you haven’t made mistakes.

Give Personal Attention To Each Employee

You know the drill: give the new hire a laptop and tell him/her to go “make it happen.”and stand out as a manager. And it often fails. To become a great leader, you must make your reports’ success into your personal mission. The best leaders are always out talking to their people.

They take the time to coach and train, knowing neglect only reinforces bad habits, stagnation, and disengagement. They provide regular feedback on performance, knowing the best people crave candidates and loathe sugarcoating. Most importantly, these leaders pay attention.

Support Your Employees

A true leader is a great facilitator. Do you encourage others to speak up? Do you publicly recognize them when they do an excellent job? You look for greatness in your colleagues and are pleased to listen to what they have to say rather than offering your opinion over and over again.

If you disagree with them, you discuss it in a constructive manner. You excel at building trust in the workplace and creating a rapport with others. Because a true leader understands that when people are rewarded for progress and honored consistently, their drive to become better augments as well.

Believe In Win-Win

A rising tide lifts all boats. It exists. Just because some may believe the business world is nasty, and that you need to be manipulative and maneuvering to win, you need not participate in it. In fact, make it your priority to not be a negative and manipulative leader.

If you want to be a leader at work, believe in your positive leadership abilities. The positive influence you have on the people around you and the ability to inspire your team is right in front of you.

Be Open To Learning

Want to know what separates the great leaders from good ones? The great ones are always learning – and so are their people. You can’t level off once you get some authority. And that’s one area where true leaders excel.

They are constantly asking questions, insatiably curious and never satisfied. And aren’t wary of people with different backgrounds and greater expertise. They utilize their abilities. And they recognize that change isn’t a threat, so they adapt to it and even lead it.

Take More Risks

Try new things. Take some risks. Make yourself uncomfortable. Do the things that may make you look foolish. Seriously, what do you have to lose?

Leaders take risks. They are not afraid of doing what they believe is right. What are you willing to take a risk for? To be a leader at work, you need to take small risks like taking on the projects no one wants.

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