Eight Ways To Be Creative At Work

If you are sending the same type of emails, or attending the same type of meetings, or inserting the same type of data in the same type of spreadsheet, we can understand you are fed up. It is easy to get into a rut of work. The longer you are doing the job, the greater is the tendency of you doing it the same way. This is easy, straightforward and yes, boring. And working on the same task for days can make you an expert in certain areas and also can hold you back from unleashing those innovative ideas hidden at the back of your mind. Keeping this in mind, it is important to show creativity at work.

How can you put imagination and creativity at work? Here are 10 key ways.

Conduct Stand Up Meetings

You heard it right! Stand up meetings. Your entire energy changes when you are standing. Unsurprisingly, the energy of the meeting does, too. This is the best way of converting a super boring and lousy meeting into an interesting and exciting one.

The bosses become more action oriented and are most likely to motivate their team. This is a potential act of turning a boring meeting into an exciting one. 

Don’t Be Lazy

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. This quote clearly states that regular exercise and movement of the body lubricates creative ideas in your mind. Working out or exercising is a great way to unstuck your mind from a problem you are facing.

It is a great way to take a break instead of getting stuck in a rut. This takes your mind off the issue and further improves your subconscious capability to resolve things.

Don’t Be Afraid of changes

Step out of your comfort zone. A majority of people say no to anything new that comes their way. Reason being their awkard and closed mind towards change. There are things we can do with our eyes shut. But this also blinds us from the opportunities available every moment.

The only permanent thing is change. So, always say yes to new ideas. Bear in mind, the more flexible you are at work, the more efficient and reliable you will be.

Enjoy Being Outdoors

Being outside even for sometime reduces stress and increases energy level. Both increase creativity. Walking stimulates the mind, improving alertness and focus. A person’s output is increased by 60% when walking. 

Mark Zuckerberg even promotes walking meetings. The fresh air and the fresh environment will soothe the mind throwing tensions away. It also relaxes your mind and body.


Working with the veterans and specialists is a whole new experience altogether. The priceless experience they have can be immensely helpful. And how do you get in touch with these specialists? Network, network and network.

Networking is a great way to know people in and out of your workplace. It creates experiences, ideas, viewpoints, and approaches that help you develop a groomed personality.

Discuss with your boss

When you are fed up with doing the same task over and over for years and have discovered everything in that area, speak up. Discuss your issues with your boss. Show that you are capable of doing other work as well. Let them know you are enthusiastic enough to be relied upon. Make them sure about you and let them know that you can show creativity at work.

Talk about the challenges, your proposals and suggestions. Show that you are a positive contributor of ideas. Also, contribute some of your ideas that help your manager and even the company at large.

Change Your Attitude to Failure

Each failure is a learning opportunity. If you are trying out something new and you succeed then you are not being bold enough. Be innovative. Innovation involves trying things that don’t work.

The truth is, everyone needs creative and innovative people at the workplace. It can start with you. Yet, we see people are terrified to try new things. Be bold and take the initiative today.

Take Breaks

And there are times when you can’t focus. At times like these, you need to step away from your work for a while. Turn your notifications off and stop trying to be creative. Some ideas come to you unexpectedly – in the shower, on a holiday or even on a run.

Managers should be aware of this and allow people in the project to relax a bit. Moreover, managers should be vocal about how creativity is important to the company and provide workshops on creative and innovative thinking.

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