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Eight Surefire Ways to Start Your Workday on a High

Anybody who’s been working for over a year settles into some kind of a routine for the first working hour. In time, it alludes to a sort of a ‘morning ritual’ – a set of habits that lets easily and seamlessly settle into a long, productive day of work. For those of you who are starting out with your work life or are not that confident of the efficacy of your ritual, this helps you be more productive every single day of your work. 

“Hitting the ground running for most of your working day is mission-critical for immediate results, and for your career at large,” says national workplace expert, Lynn Taylor. Staying committed to decent morning habits at work helps you steer clear of feeling unproductive at the end of the workday or week. 

1. Have a solid breakfast  

Much of the energy that you carry through the workday comes from your breakfast. It makes you physically fitter and gives you enough mental energy for the rest of the day. You need to take care not to have a greasy or anything that is too “delightful” for your breakfast. Heavy breakfasts slow down the metabolism and instantly put you out of ease. 

2. Start with a few deep breaths

We are always breathing. But, we are not always consciously breathing. International corporate speaker, Michael Kerr points out: “Breathing is a quick way to help us focus on the here and now.” Many employees often carry a rather harried look to work owing to the ‘rush’ between home and office. The mad commute, reckless driver, and long wait time at signals – all add to the frustration when we reach office.

Take a pause and meditate for the first 10 minutes of work. This can seriously lift the soul and make you ready for long and enriching work experience through the day.

3. Be on time, always 

Most people who have gone on to taste success in their primes have followed this work habit right from the start of their career. Getting late to work leaves a bad impression on everyone around you. Beyond that, it could also potentially throw off your entire workday. Taylor puts it this way: “Logging in at the right time or a little earlier induces a sense of an early accomplishment for the rest of the day.”

4. Raise your awareness

You may or may not be a morning person. But you definitely need to be an awake person when you get into the office. This becomes paramount if you are in a position of leadership. You need to be present both physically and mentally to communicate effectively. There are supervisors who miss smiling at their subordinates. 

Note that a lot changes overnight. It is essential to take some time to establish a connection with your teammates every single morning. Ask them about their previous evening and see if they need help with anything.     

5. Start every day fresh 

Work happens on a continuum. Yet, we must start with a clean slate each day. Discussions, projects, and sometimes even meetings, a rollover from previous evenings and afternoons. But as David Schindler, founder of The Employability Hub, points out: “Leave any crap from yesterday behind, tap into what’s happening at the outset of the day, get organized and ready or hit the ground running, if that’s what is needed.”

6. Be tantrum-free

Your mood impacts others and vice-versa. The first and last hours of your day at work is when emotional intelligence is the most impactful. A bad mood is common if you are not a morning person. But you still must learn to suck it up and be positive when you arrive at the office. Make yourself a mean mug of coffee if that helps.  

Having the right attitude is also important from an emotional point of view. One grumpy person in the morning hour can put off an entire team’s morale.  

7. Plan the day 

You want to do tasks that require the highest energy toward the front leg of your day. That’s why it is critical to assess your priorities when you arrive at the office. While checking emails first thing in the morning is not a bad way to start the day, you need not dive into the morass of each and every little promotional email in your inbox. Look at your priorities and be ready to reshuffle if that’s within reason.  

8. Click with your immediate colleagues 

A team huddle is undoubtedly one of the most fruitful ways to start your day. It improves bonding and repurposes everyone’s mission in favour of the organization. It works if the meeting itself is short with no chairs and only critical information is shared in the meeting. Besides, when goals are states publicly, there are substantially more chances of achieving those goals.

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