Eight Little Known Ways To Do Jobs The Right Way

We all have that person who always seems to be getting things done. Whether it’s a friend or a colleague, this guy just looks the part. This is a person whose work is always done before time. People often get jealous of him/her. S/he is the one who manages to finish hour-long tasks in 20 minutes or less. Yes,these people exist, cranking away at maximum efficiency. They know working the right way. What do these highly productive people have in common? How do they do it?

We are creatures of habit and so are our brains. It is scientifically proven that when we carry routines, we can carry out tasks faster, since we don’t have to think about the tasks.

Regardless of your job or industry, there aren’t enough hours in a day to get everything done. This gives you a feeling that you are always behind schedule. And this is not good for your productivity or that of the organization you are working with. Instead of putting those extra hours, you can become more effective at work by focusing on what really matters. And you can get started with that following these simple tips.

Trim Your Task List

You have just been assigned a major project. Suddenly, your mind starts bubbling with a million different thoughts on where to start and what you will need to get the job done on time. As a result, you start making a to-do list which is massively bulky.

We all know how paralyzing it could be to start a huge project or tackle crazy to dos. So don’t overwhelm yourself with a massive task list. Assign yourself with three to five important tasks to be completed in a day, and just focus on those. Keeping the list manageable will keep you productive.

Measure Your Result, Not Your Time

Smart work is ranked above hard work. When it comes to productivity, we often count how long something takes to complete. Contrary to what we actually accomplished in a day, if you focus on quality and not the quantity of the work done, you will realize you actually completed a lot in a small time frame.

Another way to assist you to measure results instead of time is by generating a ‘Done List’. This is simply an ongoing log of everything you completed in a day. By keeping this list you will feel more motivated and focused since you can actually see what you accomplished.

Create Barriers To Help You Focus

Constant distractions tank your productivity and your IQ. You can’t work effectively if you are not performing at your best. So create some simple barriers to help you focus. If necessary ask your head to change your system if your neighbour/coworker is excessively chatty.

If you are constantly pulling out your phone while you work, put your phone inside a locked desk drawer. Keep the key of the drawer in an upstairs closet, or ask a trusted coworker to hold on to it until lunch.

Break Tasks Into Smaller Pieces

Do you know the reason why people procrastinate? There are a variety of reasons why people procrastinate. But one of the most important is the tasks on their to do list seem a little too daunting.

If you have to-do list items that are large and not very specific, tackling them becomes challenging. You just look at them and don’t even know where to start. You can start breaking large to-do(s) into smaller to-do(s). Doing this makes each item on your list extremely specific and all you have to do is tackle them in order.

Wear A Positive Attitude

It is stated that we are more effective at work when we carry a positive attitude. People with a good attitude take the initiative whenever they can. They willingly help a colleague in need. And they also make sure that their work is done in adherence to the highest standards. This is a sign of working the right way.

Furthermore, a good attitude at work will help you set standards at work. It ensures that you are taking responsibility for yourself. It helps you make easier decisions based on your intuitions. This admirable trait is difficult to find in many organizations.


Figure out what is required. What really matters? Which tasks can actually move the needle to your primary goals? Which projects have the biggest impact on your bottom line? Ask these questions to yourself and prioritize your work accordingly.

A big part of being effective at work is learning to say no. Cut the busy work that doesn’t actually amount to anything. Focus on your daily efforts. 


Whether you are freelancer, entrepreneur or an employee, there will be times when you will have to work with others. When you communicate, start by enhancing your active listening skills and staying on the topic. As such, you should strengthen your communication and collaboration skills. You want to get working the right way? Communicate, communicate, communicate.

For example, when composing an email, keep it short and to the point. Don’t throw too much information in the message since it will only confuse the recipient.

Stop Multitasking

We all think that we are multitaskers. But, in fact all humans are not capable of doing more than one task at once. Instead we just end up shifting our attention from one task to the other. Switching from task to task, you think you are paying attention to everything around you. But you are actually not.

In fact researchers have found that they can actually see the brain struggling when multitasking. So the next time when you have an urge to multitask, stop! Take a deep breath and go back focusing on that task that needs to be completed right now. This is an important point to be noted if you want to get working the right way.

Highly productive people can seem like magicians or robots. Most of the time, the most efficient people you meet have managed to find ways to overcome procrastination and other challenges. You are not any less than those. Just follow these tips, manage your skills and nail any project or task that comes across.

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