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Chandler Bing’s Advice To Answer These Six Typical Interview Questions

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. From the grim reality of death-end jobs to horrors of dating, the classic comedy still hits the mark. As Monica Geller once told Rachel Green: “Welcome to the real world – it sucks. You are going to love it.” We couldn’t agree more. And since we are discussing Chandler here, do you have anybody as sarcastic as him in your life? We’re sure you do. Through his flips between introverted and extroverted personalities, Chandler’s extroverted intuition is undoubtedly the lead function. Do you like Chandler Bing? Out of all the characters, he is the one that jumps at bones and tells you why the marrow is funnier than the barrow. Yep, that’s a legit code. 

Even after being friends with Chandler for more than seven years, other characters are unaware of Chandler Bing’s job. “What does Chandler do?” is the question over which Monica and Rachel lost their apartment to the boys, remember? But let’s not kid ourselves. Chandler was the smartest of all. We’d go so far to say that if sarcasm was a full-grown planet, Chandler Bing was a god among punies. 

He was very good at math and worked in various positions throughout the series in a data processing company. He was initially temporarily in data processing and after five years, he was promoted to the data processing supervisor. No prizes for guessing, he was paid in thick Benjamins. That is the reason Joey was able to borrow a lot of money, right?

We just reimagined some typical interview questions with Mr. Bing sitting in the interviewee’s chair. Hold tight people, this ride gonna be bumpy. 

Tell me about yourself

Do you think he would try to win the interview in just the first 90 seconds? No, right? We neither. And you should not too. Chandler would definitely not re-hash his resume and tell his life story right off the bat.

“First impression is the last impression.” He would keep his introduction concise and not more than 1-2 minutes. Chandler speaking too much that too in front of the interviewer is a recipe for disaster anyway. Start with your background information and work your way down to a few important details.

Why do you want this job?

Chandler wants the job to pay the rent, to pay all the household expenses and FOOD. Because guess what, Joey doesn’t share food. And oh, of course, to lend money to Joey which he is not going to return anytime soon.

Will he mention all this in an interview? No! This is his personal information and interview is not the right place to grumble. Be professional. Tailor your response to the specific job description. Talk about how you want to build your skills and how do you think this is a great opportunity.

Tell us about a challenge you faced at work previously

It’s storytime. Chandler was surely a topic of much laughter in his former company. Despite being a great boss, all the colleagues made fun of him. He was often laughed at by his co-employees for the way he talked. He was not even invited to any of his colleague’s birthday parties. All this, just because people were jealous of him, and his position.

If you also have a similar issue or the other, share it with the employer. But bear in mind, the employer does not want to know about what happened, but how you resolved it.

How would people describe you?

Ah, Chandler Bing. What would he answer to this question? That he uses sarcasm as a defense mechanism? That he never knows how to shut up and end up making comments that are inappropriate every now and then? Or that he has a sense of humor that’s miles beyond average comprehension? If you ask anybody to describe his personality. This is all they would say.

But are these qualities appropriate enough to be brought up in an interview? No, right? Do not rattle off a list of adjectives either. Instead, have one or two traits in mind and wrap them up with a solid narrative.

What do you like to do outside of work

Consider you are Chandler Bing. You like to hang out with your friends at Central Perk, have coffee, date Monica and dance like crazy. You know, lay it all out there. This is your chance to prove your humanity.

Hard work is important. But being able to relax and transition smoothly outside work is more valuable than you might think. To make it more conversational, tell a brief story that starts with, “Last weekend, I…”.

What can you offer that other candidates can’t

Chandler Bing is irreplaceable. He is the most amazing friend anyone can have. He is trustworthy and will never break your heart. Chandler might screw up every now and then but he also goes to any extent to fix things for people he really loves and cares about. He is far from perfect.

Having said that, explain to the employer that you are just like Chandler but in a professional way. Be bold. Employers are found most impressed when you make a guarantee.

We don’t always meet Chandler Bings in our daily lives. Men who are smart, intelligent, compassionate, hard-working, desirable, and above all, trustworthy, are generally found in fictional scripts only. Just in case you found one for real, consider yourself super lucky. Nevertheless, there’s only one Chandler Bing and there ought not to be another. That is precisely why it would be terminally foolhardy to even try to imitate Bing’s immense charisma and inimitable style. If you are up for an important interview, you better stick to the conventional rules.   

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