India is a fast-growing nation with thousands of qualified students passing out of colleges, venturing into the market every year. The rapidly growing economy and infrastructure in the country host a vast variety of job opportunities for new and experienced applicants alike making it a hot spot for young and aspiring individuals. The difference in […]

The year 2020 has caused interruption a big time! People’s personal as well as professional life has dramatically changed. While the trend of work from home became the new convention for the white-collar workers, the ones who suffered the worst hit were the blue-collar workers. Most of them lost their jobs. Those from rural towns […]

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our lives significantly, pushing us all in isolation, creating huge changes in work and personal life. Many people have lost their jobs in the economic recession that came with the pandemic and have been forced into a financial crisis. New job opportunities have come up across different fields and sectors, […]

The beauty of the job-search journey isn’t in how far you’ve come, it’s in how much farther you are willing to go. Almost everyone looking for a new job takes up a journey of their own. Such journeys require people to be attentive and actively seeking while never losing hope in the process. We live […]

Not many could claim to have developed the perfect interview process. Companies have their own ways of going about their interview processes. But not many would be willing to realize the penalties attached to a risky interview process, thereby sabotaging the interviews. Like everything else attached to business, the interview is also a process. As […]

Working from a young age is something that will benefit you in the long run. Even the simplest jobs will enhance your character, abilities, and future opportunities. Often times people are unaware how important it is to have a variety of experiences on your resume.   Employers love to see your past experiences, especially when […]

Facing an interview can be tough as it is. At that, things become doubly difficult if an interviewer is armed with a quiver of sharp and tricky interview questions. Most candidates tend to get worked up and babble nonsensical answers. That makes the interviewer succeed instantly and puts you right on the backfoot. More often […]

There seems to be no imminent economic respite from the coronavirus pandemic. Every industry has borne the brunt of the fallout. The implications have panned not just the existing workforce, but also the entire process of recruitment.   Companies have frozen their hiring pipelines until a clearer picture emerges on the economic horizon. Nevertheless, many businesses […]

It can be hard to start building your resume if you have not updated your resume for a while. Which new resume rules and trends you should be following? And seriously, one page or two?  Crafting an exceptional resume these days has the added challenge of attracting a number of hiring managers. Some say that […]

There has always been a debate over hiring experienced employees and fresher employees. Who should be given preference? The importance of work experience cannot be stressed enough when it comes to recruiting a candidate for a job. Having a college degree is not sufficient to get hands on a job even if a college degree […]