The beauty of the job-search journey isn’t in how far you’ve come, it’s in how much farther you are willing to go. Almost everyone looking for a new job takes up a journey of their own. Such journeys require people to be attentive and actively seeking while never losing hope in the process. We live […]

So have you been asked to think out of the box for work? Or, you really wanted a new idea for a project? Don’t worry! Thinking out of the box, like any other skill, comes with practice. We are always told to think out of the box, but how exactly do we do that? How […]

Remote work is the new norm. And with that, you need to do a lot of things differently. What you really don’t want to do is make it any more difficult for yourself or the rest of the team. In this article, we will talk about a few ways in which you can avoid being […]

Remote work during the pandemic has sparked off a productivity contest of sorts between colleagues. At that, most companies are using performance monitoring software to make sure their employees are on the right track. While that has its own merits, unnecessary competition with colleagues can hurt employees. So much so that a slew of employees […]

Many organizations around the world are at a make-or-break stage. Or, they have been residing at that junction for an awfully long while ever since the COVID outbreak.  Organizations realize that teams that can work remotely, must work remotely. You look at it any other way and business will suffer. Resultantly, most companies are rushing […]

Several organizational managements make the mistake of approaching team leadership as a one-time act, whereas every major study agrees that team-leadership is a long-drawn process. There are four essential aspects of team-leadership: Internal processes Organizational communications Productivity enhancement Feedback sharing Most team leaders that force their associates to work harder, invariably end up failing. On […]

Not many could claim to have developed the perfect interview process. Companies have their own ways of going about their interview processes. But not many would be willing to realize the penalties attached to a risky interview process, thereby sabotaging the interviews. Like everything else attached to business, the interview is also a process. As […]

As it turns out, working from home isn’t entirely as cool as it once looked like. For better or worse, many of us need to switch jobs during these times as well. With that, comes the challenge of starting the job remotely. Now that’s a first time for a large part of the working population […]

1. Apna The idea behind this startup: Apna is a recruitment platform that gives opportunities for blue or grey collar jobs. Headquarters: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India Industries: Employment, Human Resources, Staffing Agency Founders: Nirmit Parikh Follow this startup or buy their offering: Website Twitter Facebook Linkedin 2. Joblist The idea behind this startup: Every job search […]