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9 Reasons Why Having Friends At Work Is So Crucial For Success

“I am not here to make friends.” Some people tend to take this reality-show trope to heart whenever they begin a new job. It is best to keep things professional, right? But, it turns out, having friends at work can impact your life for the better. Having friends at work is not only key to your personal happiness, but it’s also vital for having a successful career. In fact, it makes you seven times more likely to be engaged in your job. 

Most of us spend 40 hours per week at our jobs. It’s probably pretty important that we like going into work then, right? Having a friend at work can help.

Not everyone has the privilege of liking the people they work with, and so work friends are perhaps not as common as they should be. In an ideal world, most companies would screen candidates not only for the requisite technical skills, but also to ensure that they will fit in with an organisation’s culture.

Here are 9 reasons why you need  to make friends at work.

You Would Be Happy At Work

Work friendships could be crucial to overall happiness in life. Studies point out how these close relationships can have a positive impact on engagement and productivity in the workplace.

In fact, a great friendship at the office could increase your happiness as much as earning $100,000 more each year would.

Going Through Everything Together Is Magical

The fact that more than half of employees we surveyed have a best friend at work is a good sign. Having someone there to go through the good times and bad experiences with you is invaluable.

Though men and women generally have close friends at about equal rates, the percentage varies depending on your job role, level of work experience and your age.

You Always Stay Motivated

Having a “best friend” at the office is a major key to workplace happiness. In fact, those who said they have a best friend at work were up to 43 percent more likely to report having received recognition and praise for their work.

And that’s not all that has been found in the connection between work friendships and productivity. A LinkedIn study showed that 46 percent of those surveyed believed having work friends is important to their overall happiness.

You Will Enjoy Work More

Everyone has had a job that made them dread getting up in the morning. It’s nice to look forward to going to work, if only because you want to share a story from the weekend with a friend.

Having a friend at work can make any duty seem not so bad because you can either work together, or talk about it later on a break. If you work in different departments, or have different job titles, you can help each other out more. Has there ever been a disadvantage to being friends with the IT guy?

You don’t need to be the ‘Best’ Of Friends

Even if you find yourself in a role where it may be more difficult to form and maintain friendships, find someone who you can really talk with. Find someone who can tell you the truth about what they see in you, whether it’s the strengths or some developmental areas they see in you.

Having a friend or two at work will help in the long run. Connecting with people boosts our mood and our morale, and friendship provides us with the emotional and psychological strength to deal with whatever comes our way.

Remember To Not Cross Limits

You have to be able to maintain a balance with your workplace best friend, too. Though it does help to have someone to talk to about things that aren’t always work-related, you should also recognize what’s appropriate for the office and what should stay out.

Make sure that if you are being buddy-buddy with someone at work, you are not giving others a reason to believe you are being exclusive or that you are not opening up conversations to them as well.

You Will Have A Support System

You might already have a built-in support system in your partner or family, but do you really want to spend your time off the clock talking about work? Plus, regardless of how supportive your loved ones are, they don’t really understand the job.

Having a friend going through similar things helps because you won’t have to explain as much each time you start a story. They already know what you are going through, who you are dealing with, and will have valuable suggestions for how you can solve problems and accomplish goals.

Loneliness Reduces Motivation And Productivity

Being isolated in your cubicle will suck the motivation from your job. You will feel disconnected from your co-workers and your job duties.

Having friends at work has been shown to increase employee satisfaction by up to 50%.

You Will Improve Your Communication Skills

Talking with friends may be different from speaking to your supervisor, but every little bit of communication helps. Having friendly conversations at work opens you up for more communication, so when it is time to face the boss, you will already be on a roll

Having friendly conversations might also help reduce your stress, so when you are one-on-one with the head, you are more relaxed and less likely to jump the gun or act irrationally. You never know – it might help you see your boss as more friendly, too!

Overall, having a friend at work is an important part of liking your job. When you surround yourself with those you care about and those who care about you, you have the opportunity to form strength-based collaborations and create a final product you are both proud of.

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