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8 Acceptable Ways To Change Your Attitude And Keep Your Job

When you see a problem at work, do you complain to your coworkers or do you try to do something to fix it? If all you do is grumble and whine, nothing good will come off it. Workplace negativity is contagious. Complain to one coworker and he or she will, in turn, complain to another and so on. To change your attitude at work is vitally important to sustain a job.

Your attitude at work plays an important role in your productivity and job performance. A positive attitude is conducive to occupational success, whereas a negative attitude is counter-productive. Colleagues and customers don’t like associating with employees who have bad attitudes. Having a positive outlook will also enable you to enjoy work more and feel better about yourself. Therefore, if you do not have a positive attitude, change your behavior to improve your work experience.

When you are thinking about leaving a job, it’s usually because you have decided it doesn’t have much to offer you. Or, simply that you can do better elsewhere. But rarely does the idea of changing your attitude enter the picture. And yet, if you do it right, it can make a big difference even beyond your job.

Put Positivity In Your Checklist

One of the things we don’t usually add to that checklist is our own attitude toward the job. And our attitude toward our boss and coworkers. We need to ask ourselves “have you really given it your all when it comes to managing, and if needed, changing your attitude?”

Most people when asked that question will answer “yes” immediately. They have been doing their best even with annoying coworkers and a less-than-communicative boss. But I would guess that in nine out of ten cases, the real answer is “no”.

Throw The Bad Attitude Away

When it comes to a bad attitude, I know everyone has an off day, here or there. So I am not talking about the emotional ups and downs that cause a downer of a day once in a while. I am talking about a persistent pattern of negativity that is like a virus you can’t shake.

It’s catching, and can sour your co-workers’ feelings about their work and company. It can eventually block your company’s ability to attain its goals, if left unchecked.

Learn To Love What You Do

Are you someone that sees each obstacle as a challenge or just another stinking thing to figure out how to handle? In interviews, most people have learned to say they love challenges. But it’s a rarity if a person really means it.

There are many people who know how to turn the charm on. But when it comes to going the extra mile, they find an office to hide in until the all clear signal sounds. Then, there are some people who are great at complaining that they never get a chance to use their talents. But they are so busy judging what is a fitting use of their skills, the opportunities to shine pass them by.

Only Accord Constructive Criticism 

Anyone can complain. If you want to do more than that and really help affect change, you should have some ideas for how to solve the problems that are bothering you.

Before you take your complaint to the right person, do your research so you can come up with possible solutions. Then use your critical thinking skills to evaluate each one and decide which will bring you the best results.

Identify When Your Bad Attitude Began

Did you always have a bad attitude at work? Perhaps your attitude change has been more recent. Have you recently started a new job or position? Did your duties shift or did a new manager arrive?

Did one of your favorite colleagues leave? Do you feel like you don’t have any other friends in the office? If you haven’t always had a bad attitude at work, consider the possibility that the problem may not entirely be with you. No person lives in a vacuum, and things like abusive bosses and negative coworkers can have a significant influence.

Be A ‘Believer’

Embrace the company mission. Even if you don’t fully agree with management’s path to accomplishing the mission, embrace the bigger picture. Change your attitude and be a believer.

Take every opportunity to constructively suggest alternate ways to achieve them. You can’t have an impact if you don’t share ideas. So share them, even if you feel they will fall on deaf ears.

Redefine Your Job Role

Although, your duties might not change, redefine how you think of yourself. Instead of focusing on your title or label, think about what you do well. Redefine how you think of your daily tasks.

Avoid comparing yourself to others who seem to enjoy the parts of their jobs that you don’t enjoy. Remember, it is likely that your coworkers dislike parts of their jobs that you enjoy.

Have you heard the saying “positive energy attracts more positive energy”? It’s no myth. In business, as elsewhere, your mood can influence the way you perceive everything around you. And it can influence the way people see and treat you. Confidence and positivity will get you a lot more in the long run. And so can a mindset of “what can I do to help” vs why is everything so wrong?”

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