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7 Mistakes You’re Making Trying to Grow Your Career Achievements in Your Resume

Crafting an outstanding resume is not an easy job. So many times, a resume is your only chance to make a first impression and peg your career achievements onto the recruiter’s imagination. A correctly presented resume shows the recruiters that you would be the best choice. You don’t want to blow away this chance, right? There are no two ways about it – your resume should stand out and leave a good impression. 

Hiring managers and HRs easily notice all the common resume mistakes and could remember you as that person they don’t want to hire. Here are some frequent resume errors that prevent you from making it to the next round. These solutions will get you noticed even before the first round. Yes, it may take some time to implement these. But the payoff in terms of career achievements is worth it.

1. Adding an Objective

We are pretty sure career guides advise you to include an objective in your resume. An objective stating why recruiters should hire you is a total bummer. If a counselor asks you to do so, disregard them.

Instead of an objective, add a professional summary highlighting your high-caliber skills. Take time and think of a professional summary as an introduction about yourself. Include information that makes the recruiter read further and know more about you. 

2. Not adding LinkedIn URL

Not including social media links might let your resume feel lost in the pool. Especially, LinkedIn profiles allow recruiters to know about you and approach you easily.

Adding a relevant social media link gradually adds credibility to your resume. It gives your resume depth of another level altogether. In the long run, these also add to your list of career achievements.

3. Presenting an uncustomized resume


Every job requires a different set of skills. If you are applying for many jobs at a time, it is easy to send the same resume everywhere. Doing this might work sometimes. But you always run the risk of not getting laying hands on any of them.

It might be difficult to send an updated resume to every company you apply at. But, if you are really interested in the position, it is worth the effort.

4. Including grammatical errors and typos

You might have a great set of career accomplishments that speak volumes about your professional value. Nevertheless, putting those down presentably is necessary. The way you express yourself in your resume and your cover letter will either make or break your job prospects.

Check twice before submissions. Read your resume out loud or ask your friend or a family member to give it a quick run-through. Try and make it as clear as possible and update it if something seems confusing.

5. Not including examples


Instead of using buzzwords such as specialized, leadership, experienced, etc., show recruiters you are the best choice by citing instances of unquestionable career achievements. You can talk about your accomplishments achieved in your previous workplace.

Simply talking about how great are without any evidence can make you lose credibility in the recruiter’s eyes.

6. Presenting inconsistent formatting

Generally, employers do not mention a resume format. Sending a resume in .docx file might mess the format and it might look unorganized.

Always remember to send a resume in .pdf format. The main reason being the PDF file does not change depending on the computer’s operating system.

7. Citing experience that is irrelevant


Your resume should have relevant information at all times. Experience that is not beneficial for the company you are applying for, is effectively useless.

Reconsider every part of the information in your resume, and ask yourself. Is it making your resume more effective? If not, cut down on some clutter.

As mentioned already, designing a perfect resume is not as easy as it seems. Sometimes, what’s great for you could not be good enough for recruiters. Getting a push is necessary from time to time. After going through this, if you have second thoughts about your resume, go ahead and update it.

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