6 Resume Basics You Should Be Reviewing Constantly

So, you’re on the job hunt, right? Let’s face it, your resume is definitely a top priority. The job search is never easy, but a clean, sharp resume will make the process easier. 

Keeping your resume up-to-date is always important, because even if your job is secure, there’s always that slight chance where something can go wrong. So instead of panicking, keep it updated every few months. The more frequent you are, the less work it will be. 

Well, when was the last time you checked your resume? Are your skills unique to other candidates? What unique aspect can you bring? As relentless as these questions may seem, they are the basis for securing a job. 

Your resume is your initial first impression. Before any face-to-face communication, this piece of paper is a roadmap to who you are as an employee.

Here are six steps to follow while enhancing your resume:

  1. Easy to Read

While 12pt. font is the standard we are used to, resumes actually are not as specific. While keeping the font relative in size is important, anywhere between 10pt. and 12.5pt is perfect. These font sizes will help the employer have an easy read, but anything below 10pt might require a magnifying glass. 

  1. Job-Specific

While your skills are the same, each job’s requirements will vary. Your resume should speak directly to the job posting, highlighting your skills that they are looking for. For example, if your resume reads “skilled photo editor”, and the job posting lists, “Photoshop” as a skill, modify your language to match theirs. The more relatable your language is, the more likely you are to proceed with the process. 

  1. Avoid Spelling Mistakes

Grammar is one of the easiest things to sweep under the rug and forget to check, but, spelling mistakes must always be checked for. It would not be a great first impression if you can’t even write about yourself correctly. SO, here is the EXTRA reminder to take an additional 5 minutes to check over your grammar. 

  1. Be Consistent 

As important as grammar is, consistency is also key. Fonts, spacing, and heading styles must also flow. No one wants to see one title bold, and the other one italicized. You have the freedom to pick the font and different design aspects, just make sure that they match. Keep it consistent, it’s much more appealing to look at!  

  1. Avoid “I” 

Your resume is about yourself, right? SO, avoiding words like “I’, and “me” will benefit you. Instead of saying “I am proficient with “Photoshop”, write “proficient with Photoshop.” It’s not a research paper, it’s an initial guide to show your skills and experiences in writing.  

  1. One Page Limit

How much time do you actually think HR will be looking at your resume? Maybe 10 seconds, max. In this span of time, it’s very unlikely that they will even reach the bottom of the page, let alone a second one. That being said, the most important and eye catching details should always appear at the top.

Resume maintenance is something you should incorporate into your everyday schedule. With six easy steps to follow, take the burden off your shoulders when it becomes crunch time.