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5 killer ways to get hired on EZJobs

5 Killer Ways to Slay The Competition While Job Hunting on EZJobs

Hunting down a decent job isn’t a one-dimensional sport; it never was, to begin with. You always have to have the best of everything, the creamy layer of all desirable skills. However, never before was the grit for dynamism been as important as it is now in this pandemic-afflicted job market.

The question really is what are we going to do that’ll ensure everything falls in place just when it should. Notwithstanding whatever we do, the truth is if there was ever a time when the competition was truly cut-throat, it’s now.

Recency and relevance must constitute the spine of your efforts if you hope you make a serious impact with your job hunt. Most employers want to know two things upfront:

  • How serious is the candidate about the job hunt?
  • How relevant are the candidate’s skills to the job on offer?

There are no qualms about why the second question is important. Everyone that walks through the interview door has to prove their skills beyond doubt to be considered seriously. It is often the first of the above two questions that most candidates find themselves at loggerheads with. Let’s take a look at five great ways to make sure employers believe you are serious about the job. 

1.Narrow down on the specifics

Seasoned employers know how to attract the right candidates when postings jobs digitally. If you are using a job search engine like EZJobs, play around with the filters. Keep experimenting until you are completely satisfied with the results. 

Using advanced search and filter options has two-fold advantages. First off, you will find the most relevant jobs for your profile. Moreover, the employer will know that you are a serious candidate purely based on the merit of your advanced search.

2. Knock off the bore: Get Visual

A common mistake so many of us tend to make is going all-text with our profiles. No one’s against text here – just the overuse of it. Why would you even want to use so much text when you can easily swap a few paragraphs with an eye-smacking visual representation. 

Adding graphical representation to your text also helps you create a sense of balance between the elements of your profile. Plus, there’s also the added benefit of employers spending more time drooling over your profile. Brownie points, anyone? 
The great news here is that you do not need to be an expert at Photoshop to create a visually appealing profile. You just need to find someone who’s created infographic resumes before.

A picture speaks a thousand words, remember?

3. Be Seen

Serious job search sites and apps make it a point to show employers which candidates are active on the app. Like was said at the start of the article, recency has great rewards for all kinds of job searches. 

New age job search engines support in-app audio and video calls from employers to candidates. Staying active and online balloons up your chances of receiving audio and video calls from employers by over 10X. Stay online and stay active with your job search.

4. Send and receive references

Most people searching for jobs know other people searching for jobs. If you know any such person, help them out with jobs that you feel will be relevant for them. On the flip side, ask them to forward you links that could be useful for you. 

A great way to barter references is leveraging your base of LinkedIn contacts. This simple step could bring you within striking distance of a great career opportunity. Make sure to ask your friends to share your post at the end of the post. 

5. Stay active on social media

A great way to find updates on the most relevant jobs is to join a few job seekers groups on Facebook. Also, follow  EZJobs on social media and get updates on the most happening jobs near you.  

The EZJobs app is a free-to-use jobs platform that connects employers and candidates for local, part-time and seasonal jobs. You can Download The EZJobs App today and instantly find jobs around you.

Killer Ways to Slay The Competition While Job Hunting on EZJobs