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13 New Year’s Resolutions That Promise You a Better Career

With 2019 wrapping up and 2020 in sight, New Year’s resolutions are high on your radar. Each year we have the opportunity to make new year resolutions and a promise to ourselves that will help us in choosing better career opportunities.

The New Year is the time for a fresh, clean, start, and the opportunity is in your hands. Many times, we establish resolutions, but have a tough time following through. This year, you have the ability to make it happen and go after it, all you have to do is be persistent.

Here are thirteen resolutions that promise you a better career:

Learn a New Skill

Whatever your designated field is, the more skills you have, the more useful you are. Throughout your career you should be obtaining new skills along the way. When doing so, you increase your value to yourself and also your company. Gaining this new knowledge does not require you to go to school, or even take a class. Maybe you’ve wanted to master Photoshop, or a Microsoft platform. The best way to start is by playing around on your own with the platform. You’d be amazed at what you can learn from practicing on your own. In addition, platforms like YouTube provide great ‘How To’ videos to help expand your knowledge.

2. Implement a New Morning Routine

The better your morning, the better your day. Even if all you want to do is sleep till the last second, it’s time to break this habit in the New Year. The start of your day plays a big part in how the rest of the day will play out. An uplifting and positive morning routine will help get the day going how it should. Something important to remember is that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and if you currently skip it, this is one of the biggest things you should start incorporating to your daily routine.

3. Touch Up Your LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a platform that many employees disregard once they are hired, but it’s something that is extremely important in your professional life. Although a new job may not be in your radar, it’s always best to have your LinkedIn up-to-date with your latest professional experience.

4. Be a Mentor

Giving back and setting leading by example are two of the best things we can do in our lives. It shows a sense of care and allows you to use your skills to benefit someone else. Mentoring a new co-worker who is less experienced than yourself is a great place to start. You can help show them the ropes, as well as the different ins and outs of your company. Maybe you know some insider tips that aren’t as obvious but are really beneficial.

13 New Year Resolutions that promise you a better career

5. Make Your Boss Look Good

There’s no better way to please your boss than to praise them. This may not be something you are currently doing, and if you’re not, it’s time to start. Little gestures that boost their morale will make the work flow more positive. Remember, bosses experience work place stress, too, and this may really boost their mood, and this is beneficial for everyone!

6. Practice Your Communication

No matter what stage you are in of your career, communication is always key. The way we communicate is a big part of how effectively our work gets done. You may think you’re and expert communicator, but chances are you have some grey areas where you can improve. Maybe you slack when it comes to returning emails, but guess what, this is a HUGE part of being a good communicator. Make it a point to answer emails promptly and show that you are interested in what others have to say, you’ll see, it makes a big difference.

7. Create a Work-Life Balance

Does work feel like a chore? If the answer is yes, you’re likely not finding a balance between your personal and professional life. In order to work affectively, you have to have time for yourself, your friends, and your family. Being able to step away from the office responsibilities is extremely important. Remember, it’s ok to say no, and it’s ok to think about yourself in the equation.

8. Pay Attention

After a while, doing your job becomes muscle memory, and it’s definitely easy to lose focus. If you notice that you’ve been slacking off and not paying attention to all detail, it’s time to re-alert yourself. Make it a point each day to do something a little bit differently.

9. Be Organized

Organization is one of the key factors of being a professional, but so many employees lack this skill. Organization comes in many forms, whether it’s how you keep your desk, or the way you respond to coworkers, organization must be present.

10. Ask for Feedback

Employees often feel that getting feedback is a sign of defeat, but in reality, it just helps you grow. Constructive feedback is not meant to slam you as a worker, but to help you better the qualities that you already have, and take them to the next level. Asking for feedback shows that you want to grow and expand your capabilities.

11. Stop Being Late

Even if it’s 5 or 10 minutes only, being late should never be part of your morning routine. Work starts at a certain time for a reason, and you are expected to be there for that.

12. Don’t Hold Grudges

Never take things personally, especially in the work place. It’s easy to get annoyed or irritated, but this is something you should let roll off your shoulders. Work is work, and not a personal matter, and this idea should always be in the back of your mind. Start taking things with a grain of salt and understand them for what they are. You will certainly be much happier without holding a grudge!

13. Enjoy Each Day

While this is a simple thing to say, make it a point to find something you enjoy every single day. It’s not fun to go through the days and weeks with no enjoyment. Each day you should pick out three things that you really enjoyed, and reflect on them. Find positivity in the things you do and you will certainly see a change.

2020 is almost here, reflect and recharge for the New Year ahead! Go after your goals and be humble.