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11 Oft-Overlooked Mistakes To Avoid During An Interview

Being called for a job interview is a major victory. Anybody who is hunting for a job knows that being shortlisted for an interview is not an easy draw. Being a job candidate is miles ahead of being just another job applicant. Here we are presenting 11 overlooked interview mistakes to avoid.

Moreover, knowing what to prepare and how to prepare is important, just as having a polished resume and outstanding skills. Unfortunately, many candidates blow away their chances of getting hired by misguiding their effort into incorrect preparations. Here are some common interview mistakes that you should be dodging to improve your chances of making a solid impression. Remember these interview mistakes to avoid to ace your next interview.

Having a negative body language


Ideally, an interview should be more of a conversation than an interrogation. Having a conversation while maintaining eye contact shows that you are confident. By having a pleasant conversation, candidates are more likely to make a connection with the interviewers.

Giving a limp handshake, not wearing a smile or not maintaining an eye-contact with the interviewer depicts you as too shy or introverted. Negative body language might show that you are simply not interested in the job or the position.

Not asking questions

Interviewers consider candidates not interested in the job if they don’t have questions at the end. Imagine how deadly that is. Nobody wants to waste their opportunity to show that they are inquisitive.

Likewise, presenting inappropriate questions during an interview is as bad as not asking questions. Enquiring about promotions, raises or vacations are not the right questions to ask in the first meeting. 

Ask queries that came up during pre-interview research. Ask what an average day at work is like, etc. 

Giving one-word answers


Interviews can be stressful. No matter how much you prepare, you might get some questions that leave you stumped. Similarly, no matter how good your interview is going, replying with the one-word answer might wreck your interview.

An ideal interview answer certainly gives enough information. Nevertheless, do not overload the interviewer with excess details. 

Sharing personal details

Sharing too much personal information for getting hired in an interview is highly unethical. You are not obligated to share any personal information, and you should not.

An interview is where you can talk about your right set of skills. You should talk about your knowledge and other strengths that show you are a great candidate for the position.

Behaving inappropriately


While anyone can appreciate an intelligent or contextual joke, replying with offensively funny answers a strict no. Remember, do not chew gum during an interview. Don’t bring food or drinks inside an interview hall.

Always mind your manners. Greet the interviewer with a handshake and a smile on your face. Always, be polite, not only with the interviewer but with everyone you meet there.

Showing disinterest

Bringing energy and carrying a positive attitude is important in an interview. Do not zone out. Stay focused, stay alert and do not skip any interview question. This is one of the important interview mistakes to avoid.

Dropping concentration leaves the impression of an unfocused, unprepared candidate. Never lose focus or miss a question. That looks terribly bad on your part.

Using cell-phones 


Interviews stand effectively ruined by cell-phones blaring in the middle. Switch your phones off

Phones should be in the silent mode or should be switched off during an interview.

Likewise, replying to a text and answering a call in the middle of an interview is completely unacceptable. Above all, make sure that your cell phone does not distract you or the interviewer from the ongoing interview.

Not asking for contact information

Many job seekers leave the interview not knowing what to do next. Know whom to contact and when to contact for getting further details about the hiring process.

The best way to do this is to exchange business cards. Having a recruiter’s business card will make it easy to enquire about further details. Moreover, you can directly ask the hiring manager for further information if nobody is available to volunteer.

Forgetting to say thanks 


Manners and etiquette you show during an interview really matter. Likewise, the way you present yourself can be a key factor in getting a job.

Leaving the interview hall without bidding goodbye or thanking the interviewer is rude. Be friendly, smile and thank the interviewer at the end.

Getting offended

Angry people don’t make a prosperous working environment. Those are not fun to work with. Angry people might scare away co-workers or clients.

No matter what the situation is with your family or friends, dump your anger before the interview. Furthermore, not many employers want to hire upset candidates.

Not following up

First off, sending a thank-you note to the recruiters who interviewed you would make you stand out from the crowd. 

Leaving the hall at the end of the interview with a sigh of relief, and waiting for the job offer does not make any sense. Put in the extra effort and send a follow-up note to the external recruiter, if any, along with the one who referred you.

It is important to apply to a number of jobs and internships. Besides, it is equally important to prepare for interviews with objectivity and precision. You don’t lose hire points by making mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes. But, put in all your effort to avoid these errors and shorten your job hunt by many, many miles. 

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