10 Tips for First Time Interviewers

The best advice on how to nail your interview like a pro!

The interview process is something that causes people unease, but it’s the way in which we approach the interview that determines our feelings towards it.

Speaking face to face with your potential future boss is very nerve wrecking, but going in there ready to listen and with an open mind, is a must. One of the biggest mistakes of an interviewing is when there is too much talking, and too little listening.

Your future boss wants to see your interest in THEM, their company, and the goals.

  1. The most important thing you can do in an interview is go in with an open mind, and be ready to listen. Your interviewer is there to tell you exactly what you need to know, and nothing more. There is no need to over communicate and ramble, because you might just talk yourself out of the job!
  2. Always do your research. There’s honestly nothing worse than walking into an interview unprepared. Your potential employer wants to sense an inner confidence that you’ll be able to do the job. So, if you’re unable to answer questions, you’re likely out of luck.
  3. What can YOU bring to the table? Sell yourself.When speaking to your interviewer, it cannot be stressed enough how important it is to show why you are fit for the job. A company is looking for someone who can bring a different perspective to help the company grow.
  4. Master your elevator pitch! The first impression will set the tone for everything to come, so having a clear, conscience and exiting tag line will be to your benefit.
  5. Prepare for common interview questions. No matter where you go, you’ll be able to find the most typical questions that every company will ask. Even if the core questions vary, there are always the questions that you can have mastered.
  6. Keep a Positive Mindset. If you walk into your interview negative and down, it will be sensed immediately. No one wants to hire a Negative-Nancy! You must bring you’re a-game and be ready to impact the company positively. But really, why would anyone higher you if you’re complaining in the first few second?
  7. Radiate your confidence. Confidence is displayed through every move you make, your body language, your responses, and your facial expressions. Before you respond to anything, sit, relax, smile, and articulate your thoughts. The best answers are the ones that have deep insight.
  8. Prepare Questions for your Interviewer. You must be able to pose questions that show your care and concern for the job. Ask about day-to-day responsibilities, possible challenges, and areas of growth. Show that you are interested in the position.
  9. Dress for Success. Again, do your research. Know the companies dress codes and styles before walking in. Pick an outfit that fits their criteria, but you must feel comfortable and courageous, and make sure your outfit speaks to it!
  10. BE YOU. No matter how great the job may sound, you will know from the minute you enter the office if it’s a fit for you. Feel everything out, and make sure that your vibes match the ones your feeling.

Always be unique and be you. Being you is the best way to be, never forget all the great things you can bring to the table. Take a new approach to the job process, because unless you win the lottery, you will be amongst the searching crowd.