10 Social Media Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

The unbelievable stats that come with extensive social media usage, and the reason it’s so beneficial.

Social Media platforms are amongst the most popular and consumed tools today.
Have you ever wondered the crazy statistics that come along with our societies extreme media consumption?
Here are some mind mind-blowing facts about social media:
1. Approximately there are 2 billion people active on social media platforms.
2. There are 7 billion people in our world, and approximately 1 billion Twitter accounts.
3. Around 200,000 photos are posted to Instagram every minute.
4. New York City is the most geotagged location on Instagram, Times Square is second.
5. 6 billion videos are viewed on Snapchat every single day.
6. 40 million small businesses have Facebook pages.
7. Instagram produces approximately 3 billion likes per day!
8. Approximately 500,000 new Facebook accounts are created daily, 6 per second.
9. Adults in the United states spend about an hour watching videos online.
10. Since 2003, Google has answered approximately 400 billion unique questions.
Social media has no limits, the possibilities are seemingly endless, and are shifting daily, but life as we know it would be impossible without it.
Human beings have a desire to want to be constantly connected, and keep things in control. With social media’s extensive abilities, we have the option to control the way we stay connected, and what information we choose to share.
These connections both near and far, have shifted relationship dynamics today. In 2019, it’s normal to meet friends, and romantic partners online. A taboo idea thirty years ago, is now a daily norm.

Initially meeting online allows for the nerves to ease, and there becomes a sense of comfort and security. Being able to connect to someone prior to meeting them can often eliminate the awkward tensions.   
In addition to great personal benefits, social media today is the most beneficial tool for any variation of business.
Having the ability to market online to consumers builds a sense of trust in the brand and the employees with the public. In addition to trust, there is validation of the brands authehink about all the ways it benefits you. Your perspective will change.nticity.
Consumers love having this ability to interact with their favorite brands, as it makes them feel a sense of exclusiveness.
If your perspective of social media is a negative one, sit back and think about all the ways it benefits you. Your perspective will change.

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