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10+ Rigidly Annoying Employee Excuses That Startups Can’t Hate Enough

All start-ups must deal with pain points. Many of these points are common to startups across all sorts of industries. Perhaps, the commonest of these is the resource problem. Not finding the right or enough resources amplifies a bunch of pre-existing difficulties. Now throw in some infamously annoying employee excuses and habits into the mix and managers suddenly find themselves on the ascending end of a tsunami curve. 

Today, we guide you through over a dozen highly annoying employee excuses and analyze how they become doubly painful for lean startups.

1. It’s the department’s problem, not mine 

rsz job excuses 1

If you have seen employees who make this or other statements amounting to this deduction, know that they do not care about process outcomes. 

Several issues can crop up and hamper productivity both for you and your process. Employees with such attitudes further hamper speed and cause extraordinary discomfort to other members of the team.

2. I generally do good work, but…

Excuses like this make a shabby job look even shabbier. Plus, when you grease up a badly-executed job with random excuses, it opens up a big door for umpteen such scenarios. 

Most managers treat this as a big, fat, non-ignorable red flag. In all likelihood, these employees will cause damage to both the company and its customers.   

3. I don’t know how the grammar in this email went off 

job excuse 2

Sometimes you do not give sufficient attention or thought to avoid errors, or are just careless in writing emails, presenting reports or even making presentations.

An attitude like this not only sets back the reputation of the firm, but also shows general disrespect to the manager. 

4. I got confused and did not ask you again 

job excuses 9

This statement shows the quality of not being concerned about an organization’s expectations from you. Such behaviour also conveys an employee’s lack of eagerness in their own job.

Playing the confused soul later results in inability of the employees to make appropriate decisions and shows poor judgement.

5. I did not think it was important enough to report

job excuse 3

This indicates that you have no interest or professional involvement in the department you work for.

Owing to annoying behavioral patterns like these, organizations need to face major difficulty in finding out new problems, fixing them and resetting a smooth working course. 

6. I was well within the timeline, however…

Exhibiting this mindset shows how unfaithful or disloyal an employee is, and employees like these could greatly hamper the growth of an organization. 

Leaving the work incomplete and not informing someone who is expecting an output shows that you are not trustworthy and depicts incurable insincerity. 

7. Can I work alone on this and not with him/her?

job excuses 4

Being a part of an organization, you are expected to work in teams. If employees or leaders find it difficult to get along with co-workers in the team, they might face problems assigning them roles or getting work done before deadlines.  

Employees in a team should be positive, always eager to learn, resourceful and eager to get things done.

8. I am always right, just this time that I…

job excuses 11

Some employees are arrogant and keep repeating the same mistake, even after being warned by managers over and over. If you find a similar tendency creeping in you, this indicates that you consider managers not worthy of the position or incompetent.

Such employees cannot be team-leaders because they are not trustworthy enough to build a team.

9. That email wasn’t supposed to mean that 

job excuses 5

The ability to impart clear written information takes effort, time and energy. 

If you are not capable of clear written communication, the information is not understood by any other individual. 

Poorly written communication is a clear indicator of mediocrity in just about every other responsibility.

Employees are expected not to fudge up written emails, weekly reports, or presentations.

10. I did my part in the project, so no more involvement for me

job excuses 12

People with such prejudices are the first to find liberation whenever an organization decides to lay off excess human resources. 

If this has been your attitude all this while, do not be surprised if the manager ignores you for leadership roles. 

11. Can you give me that and not this role in the project?

job excuses 6

Being prickishly choosy about every assigned task tells managers that the employee is:

  • Unwilling to step out of their comfort zone 
  • Not upfront about learning new things 
  • Generally unreliable 

If you have observed such behavior within you, now is the time to change. 

12. This was not included in my roles and responsibilities 

Project success depends on the efforts of every individual present in the team. Not showing any involvement in the project once your part is done shows you are a poor team player.

Organization pass over such employees and do not consider hiring them.

13. I just took two extra breaks today 

job excuses 7

Most organizations have a rigid time constraint on breaks. And you should not have a problem respecting that.  

Employees who are always off their desks doing nothing, taking small breaks or answering too many private calls are not appreciated anywhere.

14. We were just talking about the weather 

job excuses 14

Gossiping generally and especially gossiping about a co-worker in the company is considered highly unprofessional and mean.

You should know the difference between friendly chit-chat and useless banter. It is extremely important to remember and respect every individual’s personal reservations. 

Like with every other aspect of life, good conduct makes good employees. People who put their team before themselves are always the best people to work with. 

All the above listed excuses make small contributions in building losers at work. If you find any of these tendencies in yourself or in someone you know, have a conversation with someone who knows better and nip these in the bud.
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